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PowerShell: BgInfo Automation script for Windows Server 2012 R2

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Sometime ago I already wrote a PowerShell script to install the BgInfo tool in an automated way whenever you create a VM Template or a base image (also called golden image) for a Windows Server 2016 Virtual Machine (VM) or physical server, which can be donwloaded here. More information can be found int this previous blog post:

To return to the current blog post and like you can already figure out from the title, now I also wrote a script to automate the BgInfo installation and configuration for a Windows Server 2012 R2 server (VM or physical server).

This PowerShell script will do all of the following:

  • Download the latest BgInfo tool
  • Create the BgInfo folder on the C drive
  • Extract and cleanup the file
  • Download the logon.bgi file which holds the preferred settings
  • Extract and cleanup the file
  • Create the registry key (regkey) to AutoStart the BgInfo tool in combination with the logon.bgi config file
  • Start the tool for the first time
  • Set to start up automatically whenever a user logs on to the server



Windows PowerShell 4.0


PowerShell script

To use the script copy and save the above as BgInfo_Automated_WS2012_R2_v1.0.ps1, or whatever name you prefer. Afterwards run the script with Administrator privileges from the server you wish to use for your VM template or physical base image. If you want to change configuration settings, just open the logon.bgi file and adjust the settings to your preferences.

This PowerShell script can also found on the TechNet Gallery:






Hope this script comes in handy for you. If you have and questions or recommendations, please feel free to contact me through my twitter handle.

Wim Matthyssen (@wmatthyssen)

Windows 10: Set Display, Apps and websites language to English (United States) and keyboard to Belgian (Period)

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When you install and set up Windows 10, you’re asked to choose a default system language. Normally, you do not need to change the language after the initial setup but there might be some situations where you do. I ‘m a Belgian and working as an ITPro in that small country which has the best chocolates and beers, I like to have my Windows 10 display language and Windows Apps language set to English (United States) and my keyboard to Belgian period (Azerty).

However, when you deploy Windows 10, with country or region set to Belgium and system language set to English as a preferred language also Nederlands (België) is installed as first language for Apps and websites.


So even if your Windows display language is all set to English whenever you open a website or Windows App the language used is Dutch.



For me this is a little bit annoying. I know this can come in handy, if you’re bi-lingual and you type documents in Dutch, but also enter commands in Command Prompt in English, but for me that’s not the case. But if you prefer you can set the language on a per-app basis and then Windows will remember which language you prefer to use in that particular app. There is even a keyboard shortcut if you want to switch manually between two or more languages. Just press the Left Alt + Shift keys together to switch between languages on the fly.

To set my Windows display and Windows App (+ websites) language to English and set my keyboard to Belgian (Period) I followed the below steps.

Open All settings (or press the Windows key + I) to open the Windows Setttings page and then click Time & Language.



Select Region & language on the left.


At the Preferred languages topic, you can choose to set Nederlands (België) as the second language or choose to Remove this language. I choose to Remove this language completely (to be able to Remove a language you also need to set if first as the second language, otherwise you are not able to delete it).



If you Remove a first language you also need check and possible set your preferred keyboard language at the first language shown. To do so select the language and click Options.


Because English Unites States uses US (QWERTY), which I do not want to use. I first I need to add my second preferred keyboard. Press Add a keyboard and select the Belgian (Period) keyboard. When added you can remove the US (QWERTY) keyboard.



Now your all done. Like you can see the Windows display, website(s) and Windows App language are all set to English and I can type with my preferred Azerty keyboard settings.




Hope this comes in handy for the Belgium people. Till next time!

Wim Matthyssen (@wmatthyssen)