Install the Azure Portal app (Preview) to manage your Azure resources

4:04 pm in Azure, Azure Management, Azure Portal app, Cloud, Preview by Wim Matthyssen

In addition to the Azure Portal and the Azure mobile app, there is now another option available to access and manage all your Azure resources, namely the Azure Portal app. Although it is still in preview, it already gives you the same experience as the Azure Portal, without the need of a browser, like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

This comes in handy, when for example you want to connect to the Azure Portal f from any kind of “Management server” or from a Windows client which has restrictions to use any kind of browser.

To get started you first need to browse to and click on the Download the Azure Portal app button to start the download.



Once downloaded you need to run the AzurePortalInstaller.exe file.


Once installed you can now open the Azure Portal app from your Windows 10 Start menu or by opening the search icon on the taskbar and looking for azure.


You need to sign in with your Azure account and when you have done that you can start using the app for managing all your Azure resources just like you are used to with the Azure Portal.





Hope you enjoy this new app, I already do.

Wim Matthyssen (@wmatthyssen)