Microsoft Azure Backup Server: Unable to configure protection for a SQL database (ID 3170 and 33424)

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Last week while configuring backup for some SQL databases for a customer with the Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS), I received the following Protection Status error: Unable to configure protection.


When opening the Monitoring tab on the MABS server, to investigate the problem, I found the following description for the error:

DPM could not start a recovery, consistency check, or initial replica creation job for SQL Server 2012 database “SQLServername\model” on “SQL Server” for following reason: (ID 3170)

The DPM job failed for SQL Server 2012 database “SQLServername\model” on “SQL Server” because the protection agent did not have sysadmin privileges on the SQL Server instance. (ID 33424 Details:)


You can also find the similar error description in the Event Viewer on the MABS server, by opening the Application and Services LogsDPM Alerts.


As the error suggests, the problem is that the built-in NT Authority\SYSTEM does not have sysadmin rights on that SQL Server instance. So to resolve this issue, perform the following steps. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio on the SQL server. Open Security, open Logins, select the NT\AUTHORITY SYSTEM user and click Properties. In the Server Roles screen sysadmin should be checked, what for this specific database was not the case. So check sysadmin and press OK to save. You need to repeat this step for all instances having this problem.



After fixing this, you need to perform a consistency check on the MABS for all those databases with status Unable to configure protection. To do so right-click the unprotected database and select Perform consistency check …, which will retry the protection and solve the problem.


After completion, the Protection Status should be showing OK.


Hope this helps you fixing this problem when it occurs. If you have, any questions feel free to contact me through my twitter handle.

Wim Matthyssen (@wmatthyssen)