MABS: DPM database size has exceeded the threshold limit (ID 3168)

10:18 am in Azure, Azure Backup, DPM database, ID 3168, MABS, Microsoft Azure Backup Server by Wim Matthyssen

Last week I saw the below Warning message pop up at a customer’s Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS). The description of this Warning message described the following:

“DPM database size has exceeded the threshold limit.

DPM database size: 1.15 GB

DPM database location: e:\DPMDB\ on “servername” (ID 3168)”


I could also find the same Warning message in the Event Viewer.


The message itself was confusing because the E: drive where the DPM database is located had plenty of free disk space and the DPM Database size alert was unmarked as you can see in the below screenshots.



Another important point is that the only way to open the Tape Catalog Retention box (on a MABS server) is by clicking the Modify Catalog Alert Threshold size … link which is only show in the Recommended action field of the warning message itself.


However, in the end I was able to solve this warning, by marking the setting Alert me when DPM database size reaches: and changing the size to 10 GB. Afterwards I unmarked this setting again and pressed OK. Almost directly after that, the Warning message disappeared.




Probably this warning message is some sort of bug in the MABS software or some kind of leftover from DPM 2012 (tape backups) on which the MABS v1 code is based. For the moment, the only way to get rid of this Warning message is by using the above workaround.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my twitter handle.

Wim Matthyssen (@wmatthyssen)