Azure Tip: How to find your Subscription ID (GUID)

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The Subsciption ID is a 32-digit GUID, which is associated with an Azure Subscription.  Some situations require you to know this Subscription ID, such as when you open a new Azure support ticket. This post will show you how you can quickly retrieve this ID via the Azure portal or via Azure PowerShell.


Azure Portal

Open a New Inprivate window in Edge (or any other browser) and browse to where you Sign in with your account.

Select All services and click on Subscriptions which you can find under the GENERAL field.


A new blade, the Subscriptions pane, will open showing all your subscriptions, select the appropriate one and under SUBSCRIPTION ID you will find the corresponding ID you where looking for.



Azure PowerShell

Open a PowerShell window with Administrator privileges.

Type Login-AzureRmAccount and provide your Azure credentials (email address and password).


When you are logged in, all information of your default subscription will be shown and you can find your Subscription ID in the SubscriptionId field.


When you have more than one subscription you can find the Subscription ID of a specific Subscription by typing Get-AzureRmSubscription. This command will list all of your subscriptions, with details like the SubscriptionId, which are associated with the logged in account.


Hope it helps.

Wim Matthyssen (@wmatthyssen)