Microsoft Azure Backup Server: Install a new version of the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent

July 12, 2016 at 3:06 pm in Azure, Azure Backup, Cloud, hybrid cloud, Microsoft Azure Backup Server by Wim Matthyssen

Hi all,

Some time ago a client received following alert on his Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS):

“Azure Backup raised the following alert for the subscription in use: (ID 33406). A new version of Windows Azure Backup Agent is available. You can review details about the new version and download it from (ID 100083) More information

Like you all can read this alert was raised because there is a new version of the Azure Backup Agent available. In the Event Viewer on the MABS server you can also find following Warning message under the Application and Services Logs, CloudBackup, Operational:

“A newer version of Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent is required.”


To install this new agent the following steps were taken:

1) Check the current Azure Backup Agent Version. To do so open the MABS console and click Management. Under Online you can find the Azure Backup agent version. Like you can see in the screenshot below for the moment version 2.0.9032.0 is installed


2) Download the latest version of the agent via following link: . Go to the section Update information were you can find the update package for agent version 2.0.9037.0 In my example I saved it under the Temp folder



3) Go to the Temp folder and Run the MARSAgentInstaller as administrator


4) If the UAC screen pops up, click Yes


5) To continue installing the update, click Next


6) If all required software is in place, click Upgrade. This will start the upgrade process



7) When the Upgrade is successful click Finish


8) If you check the Azure Backup Agent version again, you can see version 2.0.9037.0 is installed


9) You can also verify the current version by opening Run and typing appwiz.cpl to open Programs and Features. Look for the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent which should have version 2.0.9037.0



10) Be aware that by default the Warning message will stay there for 30 days. To clear this message after the update you can inactivate it by right clicking the message and selecting Inactivate alert or by rebooting the MABS server several times (3 times at least)


This concludes this blog post, hope it helps!

Wim Matthyssen (@wmatthyssen)

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