Replica DCs on Azure – Create the Active Directory site for the Azure VNet

March 15, 2016 at 2:35 pm in Azure, Cloud, DC, hybrid cloud by Wim Matthyssen

This blog post is part of the step-by-step to deploy replica DCs on Microsoft Azure which can be found here:

In this part I will create the site in Active Directory Sites and Services that represents the network region corresponding to the VNet created in Azure. This will help optimize authentication and replication of directory data between DCs in all sites.

1) Logon to an on-premise DC as a domain administrator, then click Start, click Administrative Tools and then double-click Active Directory Sites and Services. This will open the Active Directory Site and Services Management console (MMC)




2) Right-click Sites and click New Site


3) In the Name field type AZU-VNET-1 (this is the name of the VNet created in a previous post), select DEFAULTIPSITELINK and click OK


4) Click OK to confirm the site was created



5) Right-click Subnets, and then click New Subnet


6) In the Prefix field type (this is the VNet adress space created in a previous post), select the AZU-VNET-01 site object and click OK



That ends the third part of this series. Please continue through the rest of the series to complete the setup (if all are available).

Till next time!

Wim Matthyssen (@wmatthyssen)

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