SCSM 2012 RC : Service Offering Languages not working

January 25, 2012 at 4:34 pm in Uncategorized by Valérie Siroux

In Brussels, the capital of Belgium, 2 languages are spoken: French and Dutch.
We wanted to create a few Service Offerings in Dutch (nl-Be) and a few others in French (fr-Be).
To enable users to log an incident in their own preferred language.


To do this we installed the French and Dutch SharePoint language pack on our Sharepoint 2010.

You can download the Language packs here:

To test this scenario we created 2 service offerings using the localized generic incident request offerings.
I created a Service Offering Generic Incident NL for the Dutch users. And set the language to Dutch (Belgium).



I also created a Service Offering named Generic Incident FR for the French Users and set the language to French (Belgium).



But when opening our Service Manager Portal and changing the SharePoint display language to Dutch. The Dutch (Belgium) Service Offering didn’t show up.

To ensure this wasn’t a permissions issue, I removed the service offering language.

With no language filtering used the Service Offering was displayed correctly on the portal.
I was now sure this had something to do with the language settings and not a permission issue.

After hours of searching, I decided to open up a ticket on the Microsoft Connect issue.
One of the engineers did a great job to help me troubleshoot this.

I set the language of my service offering back to Dutch (Belgium).
And then opened up the service portal with an extra parameter to define my CurrentUICulture.

Do this by opening your portal in Internet Explorer using:


or if SSL:


When using this URL my Service Offering did work correctly!
This meant that my browser was detecting the wrong language!


You can troubleshoot this setting using the SMPortalTrace.log file.

By default this log file is only updated when there is an error on the portal.
In my case, no error was shown, so I needed information messages to be logged.

In an earlier Blogpost, I explained how you can enable verbose logging switch for the portal.


When I opened my service catalog using this URL:


or if SSL


A new entry was logged in my SMPortalTrace.log file.
Follow the instructions on Travis Wright’s blogpost to locate the SMPortalTrace.log file.

Open this file and search for the .SetUICulture setting.
In my case I could see that the value was updated (newValue) to nl-NL instead of nl-BE .


I updated my service offering language to Dutch (Netherlands) and the service offering did show up in my Service Catalog!

I changed my SharePoint display language to French and followed the same steps to find out the language in my browser was set to fr-FR (while I used fr-Be).


So, the problem is the SharePoint language pack.
SharePoint language packs make no difference between Dutch –Netherlands or Dutch –Belgium.
There isn’t even a difference between English (United States) or English (United Kingdom).
Service Manager does this but it isn’t possible to use this functionality, at the moment.


You can use the above steps to detect the language you will need to use.
In our case it was possible to use nl-nl and fr-fr instead of nl-be and nfr-be.
But, it won’t be possible to use nl-nl and nl-be to create location based service offerings.