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A few weeks back the virtual boxes with the content of my existing blog at arrived here already. As they have all been unpacked it is about time that I start working on a first post to introduce myself and to outline what you may expect to find here in the future.

On to the first part: who am I?

I am a freelance infrastructure consultant with over a decade of experience in the world of systems management. During those years I have had the opportunity to work mainly in large enterprise environments, and occasionally in the world of SMB’s. I have been contracted mainly for designing and implementing systems management and monitoring products and processes. In the past 4 years I have worked almost exclusively with Microsoft System Center products. I am excited to be part of the Belgian SCUG, and as such I am ready to share my own experiences and also to learn from fellow System Center enthusiasts.

Secondly: what to expect?

Similar to my previous blog, this will be the place where I will be sharing thoughts, knowledge, and notes from the field related to the System Center product stack. My main focus has been and will remain on System Center Configuration Manager and Operations Manager, but as things evolve I expect to also getting more involved in other products from the stack. After all … This is only the beginning and there is a lot out there in the world of System Center to further explore!

So far for the short introduction. In case of additional questions or feedback, feel free to shoot them at me.