BDNA Sccm Guru webcast coming up.

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I was asked by BDNA, to follow in Wally’s footsteps and give the second BDNA ConfigMgr Guru webcast. And I’ll be followed by the ConfigMGr SQL God John Nelson himself in the 3rd session.

Now, I have been in good company before, but oh my, this is close to insane. As the quiet shy guy, as you all know,  it doesn’t take much to make me just stand there like a little wallflower saying nothing, but these 2 are intimidating to say the least.

I’ll be presenting on

Maintaining your Application Deployment History when Re-deploying a Workstation

Plenty of ways to do this, and we’ll throw out quite a few different ones. Session is followed by some Q&A aka brainstorming on this topic.

Now, registrations have been going really, really well. (620 registered attendees so far with a week to go). The BDNA folks are aiming at 700, since I am an eager beaver, I am asking you guys to help spread the word on this event as I am aiming at 1.000.

If we hit 1.000 registered attendees, I’ll be ending the presentation with discount codes for both SccmAutodoc, and my freshly to be released tool ConfigMgr Instant Delivery (to be released next month).

Reg link:

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