Ask the ConfigMgr product group anything on 30/06

June 16, 2016 at 6:18 pm in ConfigMgr by The WMI guy

Hi all,

The ConfigMgr product team is hosting a live Q+A  session on  for the upcoming 1606 release on 6/30 1-5 PM PST.  

 This is an AMA, Ask Me Anything,  (related to ConfigMgr), and the first in it's kind for Configuration Manager.The entire ConfigMgr engineering team is going to be live at the same time responding to questions in near real time fashion. Basically chat with the entire team.  

What can you ask?

The AMA is your opportunity to ask everyone in the room ConfigMgr related questions that have been bothering you/your customers. Everyone! At the same time! No waiting for responses over email! For 4 hours!

All features new and old, yes even those arcane SMS 4.0 questions. Bring ‘em on!

 What If I can’t make it?

Feel free to leave a question and check in later for responses.

 Will you host AMA's again?

If you guys like the format, and convince @djammer, we will host this every release. (A couple of thousand tweets should help.)

So the next one would be in 1610. 

How do I know the answers are from the team:

Look for  “TheConfigMgrTeam” as the answerer. 

Spread the word.



Kim Oppalfens aka thewmiguy