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January 23, 2015 at 3:55 pm in CMCE, ConfigMgr, ConfigMgr by The WMI guy

Hi All,

Because I messed up my lab, the search provider buttons to install the System Center Search providers have been offline for a while.

A certain individual (Brainy dude from Minesoooota) gave me a rough time about it, so today I put in an effort to get them back online.

People that have a desire for search providers for different sections can let me know through the comments section at the bottom of this post or @thewmigy

These search providers use Bing as Google as a search engine lacks support for the Meta keyword that is used in them. Should anyone know how to use google to achieve the same thing, just let me know on twitter @thewmiguy. Likewise, if anyone wants these to use Yahoo,again, just let me know.
I put the buttons up on an Office 365 webpage as wordpress appears to be quirky when trying to use buttons in a post. S
Install instructions:
1) browse to
2) Click the button for the search provider to install and click Ok

Usage instruction IE
1) In the address bar click the arrow pointing down
2) Hover over the search providers and select the one you want to use
3) Type the search string in the address bar and press enter

Usage instructions Google Chrome
1) In the address bar type the Name you've given your search provider, press enter
2) Eg: CM12 "Software Updates"

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