ITProceed: SMA, the hybrid provisioning engine for public clouds

June 13, 2014 at 8:16 am in Uncategorized by stijn

Yesterday we (Kurt Van Hoecke and I) had the pleasure to present at ITProceed.
Service Management Automation is very similar to Orchestrator but with some additional benefits like parallel execution, full PowerShell support (as PowerShell is its core engine), etc..
We talked about using Service Management Automation and how it can be leveraged to automate certain tasks.
Demo’s included are:

  1. Creating user accounts in active directory and an HR database plus informing the manager by mail
  2. Creating a server in Amazon web services (AWS) and sending a text message to the requestor with all details to connect to the instance.

Lastly we addressed the need of integrating the automation with existing business processes using Service Manager as the ITSM tool of choice.
Using Service Manager and Gridpro’s solution, integrating into the Windows Azure Portal, we showcased how easy it is to add a formal end user request, including a review activity to show the smooth interaction between automation and business needs.

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