TechDays 2010: IT Pro Keynote – IT in a transformative time, how can we change the game

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Keynote Luc

2010 will definitely be the year of the cloud. During the keynote you will hear about the continuum of cloud services spanning from Iaas to Saas that Microsoft is offering and that will allow organizations to move between cloud computing models with the confidence that their existing investments in their datacenter are safe, and can be leveraged in this new paradigm. Existing applications and services will be able to move to the private or public cloud without the need to learn unproven technologies or introduce unnecessary complexity.

In the second part of the keynote you’ll see how you can increase user productivity by implementing the Microsoft stack

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Speaker: Luc Van De Velde – DPE Director Microsoft Belgium

Guest Speakers: Tony Krijnen, Daniel Van Soest and Arlindo Alves – IT Pro Evangelists Microsoft