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TechEd IT Professional EMEA: Windows Server Track

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With the TechEd IT Professional EMEA  coming closer I wanted to start share some of the top sessions in different tracks in this first post I will share with you what I think will be the 5 best rated or attended sessions in my track:


Windows Server 2008R2 Hyper-V: Feature Dive

Want to get a sneak peek at what’s new in Hyper-V for Windows Server 2008 R2? This session focuses on the new capabilities of Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V. The session also covers the base architecture of Hyper-V and provides guidance on key areas like storage management, performance and more.

Jeff Woolsey
Product Manager

Pushing the Limits of Windows

Windows manages many resources, both physical (such as RAM and CPUs) and logical (such as virtual memory, files, processes and handles). There are limits to the amount of these resources Windows makes available and when they are exhausted because of application resource leaks or oversubscription the system can operate with reduced functionality. This session explains how Windows manages these resources, each resource’s limit, the internal constraints and implementation from which a limit derives and how to monitor resource usage. Demos using resource stressing tools highlight the impact of hitting some of these limits.

Mark Russinovich
Technical Fellow

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008: Advanced Features

Get a sneak peek at advanced features of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008. This session discusses features such as VMware system management, Windows Server 2008 Cluster integration, Quick Migration, and advanced resource management.

Edwin Yuen
Technical Product Manager

Going Cold Turkey on the GUI: Server Core Setup Step-by-Step

For years you’ve known it: you’ve just GOT to get more familiar with the command line. You get things done faster, you can create simple batch files for automating many tasks, and, best of all, when you’re working from the GUI, then your boss starts to think, “hey, what IS that thing he/she’s using? We need to pay techie employees like them more money!” Well, Windows 2008 command-line-only Server Core has arrived, so here is your opportunity. Picking up where his popular “Command Windows from C: Level” talk left off, Mark Minasi walks you through the process of building a Server Core server from setup to initial configuration to full-blown DNS, Active Directory, and more. Every step includes the specific commands, options, and working examples to ease the path from "GUI admin" to "command-line ninja!"

Mark Minasi

Windows Server 2008 R2 Overview

This session will provide you an overview of the new technologies in Windows Server 2008 R2, the scenarios, features, benefits and the development philosophy behind the product. We will discuss new Management Technologies, Virtualization Enhancements, Scalability features and enabling the remote workforce.

Iain McDonald
General Manager


Also check out my interview with the Virtual TechEd crew:



Virtualization Solution Accelerators

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Here is a list of the different Virtualization Solution Accelerators we have at Microsoft:

  1. Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 for Hyper-V and App-V –
  2. Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides for Hyper-V, App-V and SCVMM 2008
  3. Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool
  4. Security Compliance Management Tool
  5. Windows Server 2008 Security Guide
  6. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

There will be some breakout sessions covering the Solution Accelerators at TechEd IT Professional