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Writing PRO Enabled Management Packs

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Microsoft has just published a guide building a simple PRO-enabled management pack for Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2. This document gives an overview of creating PRO-enabled management packs and walks you through the steps required to create a simple PRO-enabled management pack.

Download here.

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How to Enable Reporting in Virtual Machine Manager 2007

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This week I imported the virtual management pack in our opsmgr. Now I wanted to see my Opmsgr reports from my vmm 2007 console.


Based on the info on technet this is the procedure the configure your vmm for reporting:

Use the following procedure to enable reporting in Virtual Machine Manager after you deploy the Server Virtualization Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007, set up your report server in Operations Manager, and have the Operations Manager administrator add you to the Report Operator role in Operations Manager. For more information about deploying the Management Pack, see Setting Up Reporting.

Until you perform this procedure, Reporting view is not displayed and reports are not available in the Virtual Machine Manager Administrator Console.

To enable reporting in Virtual Machine Manager

1. In Administration view, click Settings in the navigation pane, and then, in the results pane, click Reporting Settings.


2. In the Actions pane, under Settings, click Modify.

3. To enable reporting, in the Reporting Settings dialog box:

a. Select the Enable reporting check box.

b. Specify the URL for the Operations Manager report server in the following format: http://<OpsMgrReportServer>/reportserver, where <OpsMgrReportServer> is the name of your report server and /reportserver is the default name of the report server virtual directory.


4. To add Reporting view to the Administrator Console, close and reopen the console.

5. To display Reporting view, click the Reporting button beneath the navigation pane.

6. To display the Virtual Machine Manager reports, click Reports in the navigation pane.

The results pane lists the Virtual Machine Manager reports. If you do not see any reports, you might not have been added to the Report Operator role in Operations Manager. Contact your Operations Manager administrator to arrange this.


image  image  image

image image




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Notes From the Field: Virtualization Strategy @ the customer

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Last week I gave a System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 session for a Belgian partner and I had the opportunity to talk to some of the IT Pro’s who attended my session and here is an excerpt of a mail I received from one of those IT Professionals who relies on our Technology to run their infrastructure.

Following your presentation and our discussion, I would like to provide you with more information on my current virtualization strategy & projects :


A resources optimization initiative set off a new Infrastructure Strategy. The core approach is centralizing IT resource management achieve consolidation and move forward to a more dynamic infrastructure while reducing costs.

High Level Description and Scope

The main scope is reducing the number of legacy servers via Virtualization Technology. The new Infrastructure relies on high-speed SAN and IP network. The backbone builds on Microsoft System Center and Virtual Server Technologies and SQL 2005 as highly available datatier



The Infrastructure meets our customers highest security requirements including advanced auditing, reporting, use of strong Kerberos Based authentication and authorization along with SSL encryption


The backbone fully integrates with Active Directory, Exchange and MOM 2005 legacy Infrastructure

            Available – Resilient

High Availability is achieved using Virtual Server 2005R2SP1 and Microsoft Cluster Integration. The resiliency is achieved via System Center Data Protection Manager which provides advanced snapshots and ability to quickly recover virtual machines.

            Scalable and Flexible

The infrastructure has been designed to adapt to the customer demands. Flexibility is achieved via System Center Virtual Machine Manager which delivers fast and efficient provisioning from a single management console. Furthermore the design is ready for next generation Hypervisor Hyper-V


The chosen solution is highly economical and achieves 45% difference with VMWare competitor while bringing unique advantages.