Presenting @ KulenDayz

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Last Saturday I presented at an event in Croatia called KulenDayz (aka Cool’n’days). Kind of funny to present at a Sausage (salami) event. Sausage? Yes Kulen means sausage and actually it’s a local spicy sausage, tastes nice.


This event is organized by the community for the community. So my journey towards Croatia started with a short flight to Zagreb where I spent a few hours into the Microsoft office. Then we had to travel for almost 4 hours towards the event location in Beli Manastir.

Map image

I really enjoyed to be there I must say that the community did a tremendous job organizing this event. The location is perfect, I have a very nice hotel room with my personal steam bath :).

There are several MVP from the region that came to the event to talk to other members of the community and to my surprise I was not the only Belgian guy in the room, one of our own MVP’s Marc Gregoire also traveled to Croatia to join the event.

I had quite some attendees at my Hyper-V session and I told them at the end of my session that I would be around during the day and if they had any questions around Hyper-V they just could grab me and buy me a beer. I had to drink many beers :)

I hope they will invite me back next year.