SCVMM 2012 Service Pack 1 CTP1

May 24, 2012 at 1:20 pm in Uncategorized by Kurt Roggen

This Community Technology Preview (CTP1) enables System Center customers to evaluate System Center 2012 and Windows Server 2012 Beta.
Main focus of SP1 is support for Windows Server 2012 (Management Server, Console, Library Server, VM Hosts, Database Server, VM deployments,…) and SQL Server 2012 (as database server, in service templates,…).

NOTE:  Upgrade from previous versions (including System Center 2012) is not supported

Feature Summary of CTP1:

This CTP includes updates to the Virtual Machine Manager in support of new capabilities in Windows Server 2012 Beta.
The CTP enables the Virtual Machine Manager management server to run on Windows Server 2012 as well as managing virtual machines hosted on Windows Server 2012.

The CTP also enables management of new Windows Server 2012 features in Virtual Machine Manager:

  • Creation of Hyper-V Virtual Networks using Hyper-V Network Virtualization
  • Creation of virtual machines using the VHDx format
  • SMB 3.0 file servers as storage for virtual machines in a clustered and non-clustered environment
  • Live migration (standalone and shared nothing) and live storage migration

Download binaries here

Download evaluation VHD here

Download documentation here
A step-by-step guide that walks you through the new Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) features in the CTP of System Center 2012 SP1.

Some screenshots:

Adding VM Networks based on Network Virtualization
Creating of a VM Network (including IP Pool and related IP parameters)
Creation of a VM Network, linked to Logical Networks
Similar to Logical Networks, VM Networks are represented by 1 or more (VM) subnets and VLANs
Connecting a VM to a VM Network using Network Virtualization
Support for .VHDX
Adding Windows Server 2012 (“8”) host under fabric management.
Doing Live Virtual Machine and Storage Migration (aka VSM)
Adding SMB 3.0 File Shares to store virtual machines.
Accessing standalone VMHost using Host Access Run As Account