Service manager @ MMS 2010 – Service Manager Partner Solutions

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This blog post provides a brief overview of the partner solutions that are presented at MMS. The session “Beyond Service Manager Partner Solutions” was a nice overview of the partner solution around SCSM. Some of them are already available or will be soon (check partner website for availability).

Beyond Service Manager Partner Solutions

  • Provance IT Asset Management Pack: With this SCSM add-on IT service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) are integrated in one management console. SCSM CMDB captures IT asset information to support both ITAM and ITSM processes, giving Analysts a broad set of CI information to realize various objectives. The IT Asset Management Pack adds following new capabilities in SCSM: 
    • IT Asset Life Cycle Management for controlling IT costs and effectively managing hardware and software through the entire life cycle, from receipt to disposal.
    • Software Asset Management and License Compliance for identifying over and under licensed software titles, thus minimizing software costs and maintaining license compliance
    • Supplemental cost, contract and organizational information for supporting decision making, resulting in more efficient and cost effective IT Service Management
  • Infront Consulting Group: Infront has developed an AlarmPoint connector for SCSM. This connector automatically forwards notifications (like approvals) to the AlarmPoint notification engine. This SCSM add-on was included in an MMS demo were change approval was forwarded to a mobile device and the “manager” approved the change request from his mobile…
  • Savision live maps v5 for System Center Service Manager: This integrated solution provides the functionality in SCSM to dynamically build and access Savision service maps.
  • Bay Dynamics: IT Analytics for System Center leverages advanced business intelligence and analytics technology to enable SCSM Analysts to maximize the value of the data that resides within System Center Service Manager databases by providing multidimensional ad-hoc analysis, Key Performance Indicators, and robust graphical trending. Features included:
  • Atea Spintop accelerator for Service Manager: This SCSM add-on provides:
  • SVT Audit Manager: SVT Audit Manager is an integrated auditing solution for Microsoft System Center comprised of tools, knowledge and guidance focused on optimizing IT GRC auditing for regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, ISO, COBIT, PCI DSS and FISMA.
    • SVT Audit Manager fully leverages the Operations Manager 2007 architecture to provide a unified application and systems performance management and now, an enterprise security auditing solution allowing organizations to consolidate and reduce silos of information, point solutions, manual procedures, reducing the overall cost of meeting today’s complex regulatory requirements
    • Integration with Service Manager further enhances SVT Audit Manager with key security related incident management processes as well as risk, program and change control workflows and automation, all of which help to ensure regulatory alignment and reduced corporate security exposure.
  • Absolute Software System Center Service Manager Management Pack: BIOS-enabled security from Absolute Software’s Computrace platform
    • Computrace Data Protection: Remote data delete
    • Intel Anti-Theft platform disable
    • Computrace call history / statistics from within SCSM UI
  • Service Mgr 2010 Features for Intel Core vPro Processor Family: KVM Remote Control & Power Control
    • KVM Remote Control allows an authorized IT Technician to remotely control the keyboard, video, and mouse of a remote PC independent of OS State
    • Ability to remotely interact with remote remediation images booted through IDE Redirection
    • Implement AMT Power control directly into Service Manager workflow to automated IT business processes.

I will try to keep an eye on the partner solutions that get available and update this blog post accordantly.

Have fun,

Kurt Van Hoecke