SCSM work item Assignment add-on

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By default Service Manager includes two task to assign Incident work items to a user or group. “Assign to me” is the one that set the console user as the AssignedUser and the “Assign to Analyst” can be scoped to the global operators group (all service desk users) or all User CI’s from where you can select the AssignedUser.

Customers feedback I have received is that they require a link between a Support group and an Active Directory Security group to scope the assignment list. One example of an assignment task can be found here. Based on this solution I have extended the functionality for this task. Check-out Rob Ford his blog(, lot of nice solutions are available on his blog.

This custom task includes the class definition to hold the settings in Service Manager and the task that is coded in C# with the custom assignment form. Functionality available in the task:

Assignment for Incidents and Service Requests

  • Assign to specific group members from current selected support group.
  • Actions taken are listed in the Action log as Analyst Comments.
  • Preformat of the comment is based on the selections made on the form.
  • Configuration can be made in Library workspace of the console

Import Instruction:

  • Import of the mpb management pack in Service Manager.
    • SCSM.AssignDirect.ConsoleTasks.mpb

Note: Admins that use the “old” version of this task need to remove the previous mgmt pack first.

Assign task configuration information

After import and restart of the console the task is configurable and ready for further use.

The configuration of the task is done in the Library workspace. An additional folder and views are created from where new configuration CI’s can be created or updated..

Via the “Create Assign Directly Settings” task the configuration can be made. (example for Incidents, same approach for Service Requests)

After clicking the task a form is presented to configure the Incident Support Group association with the Active Directory Security group from Service Manager CMDB.


1. Selection of the Support group – TierQueue list from Service Manager

2. Related AD security group: CI picker to get the Active Directory Group from CMDB.

3. Domain DN: Can be found on the Group CI object on the extensions tab.

AssignDirect task functionality in console

The task is available in the “Assign” task folder in the Work Items workspace of the console.

After clicking the task a form is presented to assign a user to an Incident work item. A clear difference must be made when executing the task from an Incident selected from a view in the console or an Incident open for “Edit”.

  • Selection from view: Incident is assigned to selected user, GUI is refreshed.
  • Incident open for “Edit”: Incident is updated with new assignment and Action log entries are made. Console user has to “Apply” or “Close” the Incident to set the configuration.

The assignment form

  • By default the current selected Support Group of the Incident is captured and enumerated. Group members (of related AD Sec. Group) are available for selection.
  • Comment is prepopulated based on the selections made in the form.
    1. Assignment selection is added as comments in the action log.
    2. Information is added as Action log item – RecordAssigned type .
    3. No comment required: nothing is logged, only in history visible.
  • Assign the user to the work item.

All done….Select an Incident or Service Request work item, select the user in the form where you want to assign the work items to and click OK!

Hope this delivers some added-value for your Service Management environment.

Download on TechNet Gallery:

Have fun,

Kurt Van Hoecke