Empty form for custom CI’s – Invalid column name BaseManagedEntityID

June 2, 2013 at 9:21 am in Service Manager by kurtvh


After applying the Update Rollup 2 for System Center 2012 SP1 Service Manager (KB2802159) I’ve encountered the following issue.


Installation of the update was done in the correct order, all servers are rebooted after installation and no errors during the update of the SCSM servers. After completing the installations, some CI’s could not be accessed anymore in the Configuration Items workspace of the console. A white page in the form is displayed. When opening the expander, the following error is displayed:


(GUID of the query is environment specific, this will be another GUID in your environment.)

In this environment we found that customer created CI classes that have no custom form associated could not be visualized anymore. Default SCSM CI classes  (computers, printer…) had no issues displaying the form in the console. It is like that all CI’s that are using the default form of SCSM are experiencing this issue. No errors in the OpsManager even viewer folder are logged.


The procedure to solve this issue in my customer his environment was rather simple. Custom CI classes are defined in a separate management pack and something must went wrong during the installation of the update. The definition of the customization in the SCSM database was corrupted. To solve this issue I went through the following procedure:

  • Open the management pack that defines the custom classes. In this case, customer Configuration Items classes with the “Configuration Items” class as base class. Note: I always separate class definitions from other customization like forms in different management packs. In this way only my “Configuration Items library” customizations management pack needs an update.
  • Update the version of the management pack, save and seal it again. No changes needed, only an updated version of the mp is needed.
  • Re-import the updated management pack.

In this way your customization is re-imported again in the SCSM database. After this import all issues with accessing the CI’s are gone. Custom CI classes can be accessed again in the console, no blank forms anymore. Note: Keep in mind that the import of the updated mp will also update the “Last modified” date on the CI’s of the update classes.

Hope this helps!


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