“Invoke runbook” isn’t working – called runbook is running, but activity doesn’t start.

December 15, 2012 at 9:49 am in Service Manager by kurtvh


We had the following scenario: The Orchestrator install is properly installed on dedicated servers and the database is hosted on a “shared” SQL infrastructure. The company where I was working had his own policies for SQL installations, no idea that this could impact the runbook runtime (correct SQL collation was specified ).

Issue description:

A runbook is monitoring Service Manager Service Requests and based on the information in the request other runbooks are called. The issue we experienced was that the called runbooks are getting in a running state, but never start executing the activities. The proper configuration was made in order to “invoke runbooks”, the properties needed for the called runbook initiation are specified. Every runbook was running when we execute them individually. Non of the runbooks that are called via the “Invoke runbook” activity starts executing the activities.

In the console we could see that the runbook was in a running state, but it simply hangs in a running state. Information found in the Orchestrator log files

PolicyModule.exe log files we saw the following errors: (little summary of the interesting parts of it)

<MsgCode>WorkflowContextComProxy::onPolicyInstanceCreated failed</MsgCode>
<Param>Unspecified error</Param>



RunbookService.exe log file errors:

A lot of different state messages, but one state message that helped us finding a solution for this issue.

Error 524 – Procedure InsertRunbookInstanceInputParameters – Message:A trigger returned a resultset and the server option “disallow results from triggers” is true. (-2147217900)



Issue information and solution:

The error message from the runbookservice.exe log file is indicating a setting on the SQL. Information about this SQL setting can be found here.

In order to check this setting you can run the following query on the SQL instance that is hosting the Orchestrator database.

select value
FROM sys.configurations
WHERE name = ‘disallow results from triggers’

In the environment where we experienced the runbook issue the return value was 1. Like indicated in the log file, this configuration is set on true. The required value returned must be 0 in order fix the runbook issue.

To reset the configuration

exec sp_configure ‘disallow results from triggers’,0

After this re-configuration the runbooks can be called from other runbooks and start executing the activities. Problem fixed!

Honors are for my college – runbook ninja – Stijn Callebaut!


Have fun in the further progress of automating your environment!

Kurt Van Hoecke

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