Publishing SCSM 2012 Work Item to a SharePoint calendar.

February 24, 2012 at 11:05 am in Service Manager by kurtvh


There is an updated version of the “PublishWI’ tool available on CodePlex.

The issue when you run the previous version in an SCSM 2012 environment (tested with the release candidate – “can’t find System.WorkItem.Library”) is addressed in this version. The tool is tested against a SharePoint 2010 environment.  Same remark as on the original post, if you have issues running this tool against earlier versions of SharePoint, let us know via CodePlex discussion.

The usage of the tool remains the same, so you can follow the original post to configure it for your environment ( Change Calendar. Publishing Work Item to … Part 1. SharePoint Calendar). People who already use the tool can simply replace the exe file.

The updated version of the tool and Source Code can be downloaded from CodePlex:

Have fun!

Kurt Van Hoecke

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