TIP – “SQL Server 2008 SP1 was not found" during installation of SCSM 2010 Data Warehouse Management Server

June 29, 2011 at 5:48 pm in Service Manager by kurtvh


Lastly I had an issue on the installation of the SCSM data warehouse and had an annoying error. At the configuration page of the reporting server for data warehouse I received the error “SQL Server 2008 SP1 was not found”


The issue was that the reporting server database was installed on a SQL server instance that had an “_” included.

SQL  reporting services doesn’t like “_” in the server name and also in the configured SQL instance. Once the SQL reporting server configuration was adjusted to have the DB on another SQL server instance without the “_” I could proceed with the SCSM data warehouse installation without any issues.

Little tip when you use different SQL instances for you SCSM SQL environment.

Hope this helps!


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