System Center Service Manager Update

March 15, 2010 at 9:28 am in Uncategorized by kurtvh

The last weeks there were some major updates on the release of System Center Service Manager. A little overview:

  • The Service Manager announce the availability of the EN-US version of Service Manager Release Candidate (RC). In this build there are some significant improvements to stability and performance as well as a number of additional features:
    • Improved Performance, Scale and Stability
    • Improved Notifications with batching email
    • New Change Management Features
      • Reviewer Notification
      • Line Manager Approval
    • New and Updated Reports
    • Improved Self Service Software Provisioning
    • Improved View Editing
    • UX Improvements throughout the product
    • Data Warehouse improvements
    • Authoring Tool Improvements
      • Extending and adding classes and relationships
      • Support for controls in form customization
      • Added workflow activities in activity library
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Localizability and Globalization bug fixed
    • Supportability bug fixes
    • To download, simply go to the Downloads link for this connection, and find Service Manager Release Candidate or follow this direct link and then select all of the following three files on the download details page:
      • SMCDImage_AMD64.exe
      • SMCDImage_x86.exe
  • Service Manager needs Authorization Manager Hotfix
  • Authoring Console Beta 2 Preview Released!!
    • TAP and RDP customers can now download the Authoring Console Beta 2 Preview from Connect.  This version of the authoring console will work with the recently released RC version of Service Manager.
      • This release contains several key improvements and new features, including :
      • Support for additional controls in form customization
      • Additional activities in the workflow activity library
      • Class editor for creating and extending classes and relationships
      • UX & Usability improvements all around
  • Maybe not direct the latest news, but an important topic in the Service Manager environment is the Microsoft Operations Framework. Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 delivers practical guidance for everyday IT practices and activities. SCSM helps to apply and automate these activities. People who want to go a bit deeper in this framework:

Have fun with the RC testing.

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