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by yjans

Failed to connect to server ‘<YourServiceManagerServerName>’

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When you install the Service Manager 2010 Stand Alone Console on a remote system, you might get an error message when connecting to the Service Manager Server:

Failed to connect to server ‘<YourServiceManagerServerName>’
The sdk service is either not running or not yet initialized



This is simply because port 5724 is blocked on the server by the local firewall.

On the Service Manager Server, open the firewall settings and add the port



Your console will now be able to connect without a problem…


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by alkin

System Center Service Manager: What’s this?

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In early 2010, Microsoft will release a new application as part of the System Center family.  The name, System Center Service Manager.  A much awaited application because it will be the Ticketing System from Microsoft.


Why is everybody waiting for this application?

Every time I’m talking to IT decision takers about the future of IT management, the discussion will be about a helpdesk system sooner or later.  Why?  Because may IT decision takers admit that this is a very strategic asset for their environment.  Whether it is a small internal IT team or a large IT team, a ticketing system is necessary for all of them.  But what is on the market for the moment?  Or you have some small ticketing systems (opensource, from a vendor…) that simply do what it is, a ticketing system.  Disadvantages… manual adding of the assets (which you all know starts good the first week and after that…).  Larger IT teams will implement expensive “service desk” solutions with sometimes built-in scanning to build up a CMDB and others implement large solutions but have spend hours, days, months and even years to integrate the solution in their environment.

Again, why is everybody so eager of this application?

Because of the success of the other System Center products (SCOM, SCCM) and the promise of Microsoft of a full integration with their ticketing system, many IT Decision takers are thinking about this product for implementation.  Why?  SCCM will do the scanning and the SCCM CMDB will be fully integrated into the ticketing system.  The alerts coming from SCOM will be automatically created as a ticket in the system so many manual work will be done automatically.

But can this ticketing system be a solution for many companies?

Yes, and maybe.  For many smaller IT teams, this will be a great solution.  It will have everything that they need.  It can be customized easily to their own processes and procedures, it has a self-service portal and it can be integrated with two very popular management applications (sccm and scom) which is very popular in those environments.

Maybe, because I’m not sure yet for the larger environments.  Will they be able to compete with for example a CA?  Will it be possible to insert SLA’s for different suppliers, or for different internal divisions?  Will the system be able to be used as a commercial service desk for ICT providers?  I can continue to think of questions but I’m not gonna do this.  Instead, I will start investigating what can be done with the system and how far we can go. 

One thing I know for sure.  Microsoft really build the platform so that it can be compliant with COBIT, ITIL, MOF (Their own version of COBIT) and so on.  If they would be able to get it ITIL certified, then the story for success is created.  And if it is flexible enough to alter the product with not too much code so that it can be used for large environments, then I think the larger ticketing system companies have a new, dangerous competitor.

In the next months, I will start with my investigation

Till then,