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MOF 4.0 Foundation Course

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Microsoft just announced the beta release of the MOF 4.0 Foundation Course.


This training course is intended primarily for those who deliver service management-focused training. It’s also designed to supplement existing materials utilized by those in the greater training community. These materials will help instructors teach IT pros how to think about system integration and dependencies, and will add value to a range of technical training courses.

The course is designed to introduce participants to the three phases of the MOF lifecycle—Plan, Deliver, and Operate—and the Manage Layer. It also covers the Service Management Functions (SMFs) and Management Reviews within each phase. The course provides a foundation for participants to begin leveraging service management concepts with Microsoft products and technologies.

Take an early look at the MOF 4.0 Foundation Course, and use this opportunity to provide feedback and influence its development. Download the beta materials on Microsoft Connect:



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System Center User Group Netherlands Summer Night

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Our friends and colleagues from the Nederlands are organizing a System Center Summer Night! The Belgium System Center User Group will also be there to visit our dutch friends! :-)



Summer Night

Op 24 juli 2009 organiseert de System Center User Group nederland de jaarlijkse System Center ‘Summer Night’. We starten de avond om 17.00 uur met pizza en vangen om 17.30 uur aan met het programma:

17.30 uur – 17.45 uur:  SCUG NL, stand van zaken

17.45 uur – 18.45 uur:  Windows 7 deployment met SCCM 2007

18.45 uur – 19.45 uur:  DPM en Cloud Recovery

19.45 uur – 20.00 uur:  Break

20.00 uur – 21.00 uur:  SCOM 2007 R2, what’s new

21.00 uur – 22.00 uur:  Borrel en afsluiting

Je kunt je kosteloos inschrijven door een email te sturen aan met je naam en contactgegevens. De locatie is De Witte Bergen in Eemnes. Hier is een routebeschrijving te vinden:

Hopelijk tot de 24e,



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savision Live maps for Opsmgr 2007

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I’ve just done some big implementations of Savision Live maps and I’ve to addmit…I just love it!


Some screenshots:







It’s THE product that brings Opsmgr to a higher level and really gives the WOOW effect.


Savision also has a blog and some nice How to video’s:


  • Create Dynamic Views by IP Subnet in Microsoft Operations Manager





  • Create Advanced Network Topologies with Microsoft Operations Manager

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day 5

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  • reporting 2008 no iis
  • sharepoint integration
  • sql 2005 and 208 side by side
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day 4

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  • cross platform
    • Half 2009 rtm
    • architecture building en later extra’s
    • mp linux not comptaible with r2
  • system center on hyper-v
    • vmm
      • p2V with scvmm
      • need attention because of evaluaton verions
      • phyisical disks in hyperv??? rechstreeks naar vm? pass trough disks. in hyperv manager disks phyiscial disks
      • vmm webconsole. zoals scom console. tasks, connect to vm,
      • scope down user roles, actions
    • scom
    • dpm
      • initial replica and then delta’s
      • dpm backuped 15 min. p2V met powershell
      • scom detect crash. powershell start vm machines
      • continous replication
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Day 3 of teched Barcelona

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  1. acs
    • powershell script to enable for groups enableforwarding.ps1
    • windows 2008 end of the year
    • in v10 forwarder filter on the client side
  2. .net app monitoring
    • management pack
      • monitoring template
      • basic
    • mp
      • performance
      • troubleshooting data
      • detection also in winforms,com+ win svcs
      • see where the code is not working in alert context
  3. reports
    1. &rc render toolbar false for integration in sharepoint
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enable audit collection on opsmgr agents

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Depending on your auditing needs, you might have several hundred to thousands of computers from which you want to collect audit events. By default, the service needed for an agent to be an Audit Collection Services (ACS) forwarder is installed but not enabled when the Operations Manager agent is installed. After you install the ACS collector and database you can then remotely enable this service on multiple agents through the Operations Manager console by running the Enable Audit Collection task.

This procedure should be run after the ACS collector and database are installed and can only be run against computers that already have the Operations Manager agent installed. In addition, the user account that runs this task must belong to the local Administrators group on each agent computer.

To enable audit collection on Operations Manager 2007 agents

1. Log on to the computer with an account that is a member of the Operations Manager Administrators role for your Operations Manager 2007 Management Group. This account must also have the rights of a local administrator on each agent computer that you want to enable as an ACS forwarder.

2. In the Operations Console, click the Monitoring button.


When you run the Operations Console on a computer that is not a Management Server, the Connect To Server dialog box displays. In the Server name text box, type the name of the Operations Manager 2007 Management Server that you want the Operations Console to connect to.

3. In the Monitoring pane, expand Operations Manager, expand Agent, and then click Agent Health State. This view has two panes, and the actions in this procedure are performed in the right pane.


4. In the details pane, click all agents that you want to enable as ACS forwarders. You can make multiple selections by pressing CTRL or SHIFT.

5. In the Actions pane, under Health Service Tasks, click Enable Audit Collection. The Run Task – Enable Audit Collection dialog box displays.


6. In the Task Parameters section, click Override. The Override Task Parameters dialog box displays.

7. In the Override the task parameters with the new values section, click the CollectorServer parameter; in the New Value column, type the FQDN of the ACS collector; and then click Override.


8. In the Task credentials section, click Other. In the User Name box, type the name of a user account that belongs to the local Administrators group on the agent computers. In the Password box, type the password for this user account. Click to expand the Domain drop-down list to view the available domains, and then click the domain of the user account.

9. Click Run Task. The Task Status dialog box displays tracking the progress of the task.


10. When the task completes successfully, click Close

Watch for this event on your forwarder:



Wait a few minutes and your ready to collect your auditing events!



Alexandre verkinderen


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ACS training by SecureVantage

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SecureVantage is organizing some free online training arround ACS.

Download Flyer.

The next online training is on August 7 about troubleshooting access issues, events codes and performance.

After that they will give sessions about disaster and recovery, gateways, administration, report planning, etc!

The really cover everything about ACS!





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File System Management Pack for Opsmgr

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Another winner of the System Center Contest is Jaime Correia who submitted the file system Management Pack.

With this Management pack you can monitor

  • File count
  • file count by extension
  • file extension modified
  • file modified in X time
  • file size
  • Folder Size


The MP also includes a very detailled mp guide!


Thx Jaime!

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