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Cloud Service pack failed: Current user is not a valid Orchestrator user

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Microsoft released beginning of March the updated Cloud Service Process pack that is now fully compatible with System Center 2012 SP1. You can download the new process pack here:   CSPP is an extension pack built on top of System Center. This release is compatible only with System Center 2012 and 2012 SP1. This release does not contain a new feature set from prior releases.

When I tried to install CSPP I got the following error:


I opened the log files of the CSSP setup that are located at the following location:


When I search through the log file I discovered the following error:


03:12:25:Checking if current user is valid Orchestrator user or not
03:12:27:System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800708AC): The group name could not be found.

My account is a local admin and I could perfectly connect to Orchestator and create and launch runbooks so I was quite suprised to see this error.

So I looked locally in computer managed and you need two groups: the first one is the OrchestratorSystemGroup and the second one is the OrchestratorUserGroup which apparently didn’t exist on my orchestrator server! This means the Orchestator pre-requisites checker is checking for a group which doesn’t exist locally!


So I created manually a new group and added my account to the group



After that I closed and re-opened the setup wizard and everything went through without any issues!

Hope this helps,


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Building a Sharepoint Change Calendar with Orchestrator and Service Manager

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A few weeks ago one of my customers was asking if it’s possible to have a change calendar on the Service Manager portal. Out of the box this is not provided so I asked my good friend Anders how this could be solved. A few days later he already had a nice solution that you can find here: So thank you Anders :-)

This solution is a perfect viable solution and it works like a charm. So you will be able to create a new change request and see it in your outlook calendar . But when I wanted to start integrating the exchange calendar into SharePoint I encountered some SharePoint limitations.  I couldn’t find an easy and straight forward way to insert the shared exchange calendar into SharePoint.

During my search to integrate my exchange calendar into SharePoint I discovered that you could create SharePoint lists and change the list to a calendar view! So this could be interesting! you can find more info about creating lists and calendar view here: . Follow the procedure to create a new SharePoint list and change the view type to a calendar view . Remember the name you will give to your new list as you will need it later on.

Next step is to download the SharePoint IP and use it to create a new SharePoint list item based on a change request.

Configure the SharePoint Ip:

Note that you need to specify “SharePoint Configuration” and need to provide the name of your list you just created.


The runbook monitor Service Manager for new change request, when there is one, the runbook triggers and will create a new list item on Sharepoint




When I create a new change request, Orchestrator will automatically be triggered and put the change request details on the SharePoint List that we have incorporated into our SCSM portal


Hope this helps,


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System Center Roadmap 2011

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I’m so excited about the direction that Microsoft is taking with the new System Center products!

Below you find the roadmap of the System Center products and what is going to be released soon!


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4 more speakers from the System Center Product Team at Techdays Belgium

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We’ve secured 4 more speakers from the System Center Product Team for Techdays Belgium

  • Jeff Wettlaufer (will be talking about SCCM 2012)
  • Adam Hall (covering Orchestrator, the next version of Opalis)
  • Sean Christensen (Service Manager 2012)
  • Clare Henry (who will deliver the keynote).


Don’t miss this unique opportunity!


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Service Manager Management Pack

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Microsoft released the Service Manager 2010 Management Pack. The Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010 Management Pack helps you manage your Service Manager infrastructure by monitoring the health of the Service Manager management servers and services.



  • Capturing critical events from Service Manager and creating corresponding alerts in System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2.
  • Monitoring the health of vital Service Manager services and providing users with a real-time health status.
  • Providing Operations Manager integrated knowledge for events.
  • Ensuring that the management pack provides clear health information, and that it is extendible, allowing users to add objects such as monitors, overrides, tasks, and knowledge.


Supported Configurations

Service Manager Management Pack 7.0.5826.856 supports all configurations that are supported by Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010.

Service Manager supports SQL Server clustering for the databases, and Network Load Balancing (NLB) for the Service Manager management servers and portals. In these topologies, the individual parts are monitored individually regardless of the existence of NLB.

Supported Configurations

The following table details the supported configurations for the Service Manager Management Pack.



Service Manager management servers

Yes, all supported configurations and all supported deployment topologies

Servers on which workflows run


Data warehouse management servers


Clustered servers


Agentless monitoring


Virtual environment



You can download the mp here

Also have look at the blog post of Darko Vukovic he’s posted a very useful accompanying set of best practices for getting started with the new management pack.

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MMS 2010 Keynotes

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The MMS 2010 keynotes are available online!


KEY1 Managing Systems from the Datacenter to the Cloud

Bob Muglia, President of Microsoft Server and Tools Business, returns to speak at this year’s event. Since MMS 2009, the buzz in the IT industry about cloud computing has continued to grow. There are many different perspectives on the cloud, its capabilities, its enablers and what it means to the world of IT operations and systems management. Get Bob Muglia’s perspective on what cloud services mean for the datacenter, what you can do today with these services, and how your approach to cloud services can help you change your company’s IT operations for the better.



KEY2 User Centric Client Management

Unify. Simplify. Control. Get inspired as Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President of the Management and Services Division at Microsoft, returns to speak on user-centric client management. Listen in as Brad gives his perspectives on the rising need for a more user-centric approach to client management and discusses the technologies and roadmap Microsoft is delivering to help you get there. Learn what you can do today with the hottest technologies in client management like desktop virtualization and cloud computing to deliver user-centric services while lowering your overall TCO and improving your business processes. Hear how you can use these technologies to dramatically simplify client management while you unify your client environment to drive lower costs and improve services.


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Server Management Suite Licenses getting more expensive!

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Today the System Center Team announced the new capabilities and price changes of the Server Management Suite Enterprise (SMSE) and Server Management Suite Datacenter (SMSD) licenses. You can read the whole article here.


Now with the SMSE and SMSD you will also get:

  • System Center Service Manager Server ML as part of their active Software Assurance coverage when Service Manager will be generally available
  • Opalis software will be granted to any new or existing SMSE or SMSD license with active Software Assurance coverage as of December 10, 2009


This has of course a downside on the price. The SMSE will move from $1,198* per license to $1,569* per license and the SMSD will move from $749* for each per processor license to $1,310* for each per processor license, effective July 1, 2010.



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SCUG.BE session on Service Manager

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Service Manager: From Re-active to Pro-active

In this session Maarten Goet, SCOM MVP and participant in the TAP-program for Service Manager, is going to show us what the possibilities are of Service Manager. First he will explain the architecture of Service Manager after which he will deep-dive into the possibilities of Incident-, Change Management and CMDB. With some real life examples Maarten will also show us the possibilities of the SCOM and SCCM connector.

For IT-pros who are working with ITIL, COBIT or the MOF framework, for IT-pros who are interested or searching for a helpdesk system with integration into the system center suite and for IT-decision takers that need to comply with several standards, this is a session you can’t miss.

SPEAKER Mr.  Maarten  Goet , MVP, MCSE – Messaging & Security


Maarten is a System Center specialist and SCOM MVP. He has many years of experience as a consultant in various System Center implementations. His main area of expertise is SCOM and Management Pack authoring. Maarten runs a blog at and regularly speaks at events, this year at MMS 2009 and Teched USA 2009.

Session: Service Manager: From Re-active to Pro-active

Location: Microsoft Belgium,

Date : 21/10/2009

Time: 18u30

Seats are limited so please register fast: Registration


Interview with Nigel Cain at Techdays 2009 in Antwerp on SCSM

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At Techdays 2009 in Antwerp we interviewed Nigel Cain ( Program Manager – Operations and Service Management group) and asked him some questions on System Center Service Manager:




Have fun, Team

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