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Diagram view not working in the webconsole OpsMgr 2007 R2: “missing permissions on the server allow the creation of the RenderBase and/or ImageCache folder”

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Today I ran into the following problem: I was unable to access diagram views from the webconsole. Every other view like a state view, performance view, alert view etc was working but not the diagram view:



Likely this is due to missing permissions on the server allow the creation of the RenderBase and/or ImageCache folder or the ability to create files in these folders. Either add the permissions for the anonymous INET user to write to the root folder, or create the RenderBase and/or ImageCache folder and in the root of the web application and add write access to these folders.


As you can see the temp folder is empty



you need to give the group called IIS_IUSRS read and write permissions to the root folder of the webconsole


once done you will see the following files being created in the temp folder:


and now the final test!


woohoo it’s working! :-)


And now you will see a PNG file in the temp folder for every diagram view you open. That’s why you need to modify the rights so that the group IIS_USRS can add those PNG files to the temp folder.


I don’t think this is very efficient. Image a NOC with 10 guys consulting the webconsole and each one of them opens 2 views and with 4 levels each then you will 80 PNG files in the temp folder!! But that’s a total different discussion :-)


Hope this helps,

Alexandre Verkinderen

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IIS 7 management pack hotfix

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As mentioned on the MOM team blog there was a problem with the IIS 7 Managemenent pack. After importing the Windows Server 2008 Internet Information Services 7.0 management pack, the Health Service will log error 4507. The issue is in the setup code which causes the SDK and Configuration services on the RMS to be stopped and disabled.


Today they released a hotfix that you can find here.


This hotfix impacts the following installed files:
MomModules.dll (Version 06.0.6278.43)
MomModules2.dll (Version 06.0.6278.43)
MomIISModules.dll (Version 06.0.6278.43)
MomModuleMsgs.dll (Version 06.0.6278.43)


Important Notice: A problem was found with this package, we are working on resolving it.
This hotfix must be applied to each computer that meets the following criteria:
  • Hosts a Microsoft Operations Manager Root Management Server
  • Hosts a Microsoft Operations Manager Management Server
  • Hosts a Microsoft Operations Manager Gateway Server
  • Host a Microsoft Operations Manually Installed Agent (Discover-based agent deployment not used)

To extract the hotfix files contained in this hotfix:

  1. Copy the file, SystemCenterOperationsManager2007-SP1-KB957123-X86-X64-IA64-ENU.MSI, to either a local folder or accessible network shared folder.
  2. Then run SystemCenterOperationsManager2007-SP1-KB957123-X86-X64-IA64-ENU.MSI locally on each applicable computer that meets the predefined criteria.
    You can run SystemCenterOperationsManager2007-SP1-KB957123-X86-X64-IA64-ENU.MSI from either Windows Explorer or from a command prompt.

NOTE: To run this file on Windows Server 2008 you must run this file from a command prompt which was executed with the Run as Administrator option. Failure to execute this Windows installer file under an elevated command prompt will not allow display of the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Software Update splash screen to allow installation of the hotfix.



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