part 2: Getting facebook status updates when something happens to my servers.

March 14, 2014 at 7:46 am in Azure, Powershell, SytemCenter by alkin

In my previous blogpost I explained how to install the powershell Facebook Module.

Today I’m going to show you how you can get Facebook status updates when something happens to your server. To simulate this I will create a new runbook that will shut down all the virtual machines in a certain cloud in Azure and then post a facebook status update with the name of the servers that have been shut downed.

To be able to do this I created the following Orchestrator runbook:


This workflow will get a list of the Cloud services running in Azure and then stop all the Virtual Machines in that Cloud. After that a status update will be posted on facebook saying which server has been turned off.

The first activity is the get Azure cloud service properties to retrieve cloud service properties


We can then use the output of the cloud service activity in the Virtual machine activity to stop all the VM’s in the discovered cloud.


The last activity is a .Net activity that will import the facebook module and post a new status update on facebook with the new-FBfeed command


The result will be something like this



Alexandre Verinderen