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Belgian Best of MMS: The top 20 “Must Have“ customizations in Operations Manager

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This session will look at the 20 most common configuration changes or customizations that we implement in our consulting engagements. At the end of this session, attendees will leave with the knowledge of how to optimize their Operations Manager installation. This session will walk through the ‘eureka’ configurations that all customers love and utilize on a frequent basis within their environments. If you want to be much more efficient in your day to day work, you will not want to miss this session.


Slides: slides

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Registration for TechEd Europe is open!

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Tech∙Ed Europe returns to Berlin this November 8 – 12, for a full week of deep technical education, hands-on-learning and opportunities to connect with Microsoft and Community experts one-on-one.  Register by 5 July and receive your conference pass for only €1,395 – a €500 savings.



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Community Day 2010

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Community Day is back with the Fourth Edition of this annual community event on Microsoft technologies!

Fourteen Microsoft User Groups combine their efforts to organize this unique networking and knowledge sharing
event. With so many new releases from Microsoft, the theme of Community Day 2010 is of course 2010: a new wave of products and technologies. This means that most sessions will be looking at Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4, Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2, OCSR2…

Microsoft Community Day will take place on Thursday 24th June 2010 in Utopolis, Mechelen, where we will
bring together over 300 IT Pro’s and developers.

The Microsoft Community Day 2010 is supported by:

  • AZUG
  • IT-Talks
  • Pro-Exchange
  • SCUG
  • Visug
  • WinSec
  • CLUG
  • DotNetHub
  • MyTIC

Practical event details
Utopolis Mechelen (Map)
Address: Spuibeekstraat 5 2800 Mechelen
Event date: Thursday June 24th
Start & end time: 8.30 – 18.30

Community Day on Twitter: #comday2010

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Microsoft on What’s Next for Managing Datacenters and the Cloud!

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Microsoft is going to invest heavily in Dynamic IT / cloud capabilities that Virtual Machine Manager vNext and Operations Manager vNext will deliver.

Here is a small list of things that Microsoft wants to achieve:

System Center Virtual Machine Manager

· Service lifecycle management, including creation, deployment and updates to cloud apps/services – Leverages app virtualization technology and service modeling to perform image-based service composition, deployment and updates.

· Creation of private clouds – Enables “Infrastructure as a Service” for the enterprise datacenter and allows self-service scenarios; discovery and assignment of logical/virtualized network and storage pools to apps/services.

· Federation across clouds – Enables workload mobility between on-premises, service provider and public clouds (e.g. Windows Azure) in a secure manner .

· Policy-based dynamic resource optimization – Ensure optimal utilization of your datacenter resources (e.g. policy driven power management), deeper Operations Manager/PRO integration.

· Deeper Opalis Integration – Offers deeper integration with Opalis for enhanced orchestration and automation across multiple sub-systems.

System Center Operations Manager

· Unified on-premises and cloud monitoring – Enables hybrid cloud deployment scenarios with “single pane of glass” monitoring.

· Outside-in/end user experience monitoring for geo distributed cloud services (based on synthetic transactions).

· Service oriented network and storage monitoring (e.g. monitor and troubleshoot network and storage resource pools assigned to services).

You can find more information on the blog.

Watch this video by Anant Sundaram, Senior Product Manager for System Center.

Anant explaines what Microsoft is thinking around improving data center management and managing cloud environments.

Not all of these will be realized and it will take some product cycles but it gives you a nice overview of what Microsoft is thinking and want to achieve.


Alexandre Verkinderen

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Diagram view not working in the webconsole OpsMgr 2007 R2: “missing permissions on the server allow the creation of the RenderBase and/or ImageCache folder”

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Today I ran into the following problem: I was unable to access diagram views from the webconsole. Every other view like a state view, performance view, alert view etc was working but not the diagram view:



Likely this is due to missing permissions on the server allow the creation of the RenderBase and/or ImageCache folder or the ability to create files in these folders. Either add the permissions for the anonymous INET user to write to the root folder, or create the RenderBase and/or ImageCache folder and in the root of the web application and add write access to these folders.


As you can see the temp folder is empty



you need to give the group called IIS_IUSRS read and write permissions to the root folder of the webconsole


once done you will see the following files being created in the temp folder:


and now the final test!


woohoo it’s working! :-)


And now you will see a PNG file in the temp folder for every diagram view you open. That’s why you need to modify the rights so that the group IIS_USRS can add those PNG files to the temp folder.


I don’t think this is very efficient. Image a NOC with 10 guys consulting the webconsole and each one of them opens 2 views and with 4 levels each then you will 80 PNG files in the temp folder!! But that’s a total different discussion :-)


Hope this helps,

Alexandre Verkinderen

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New KB for OpsMgr Management servers or assigned agents unexpectedly appear as unavailable in the Operations Manager console in Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008

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Microsoft just released a new hotfix to deal with ghost agents or agent that are grayed out for an unknown reason. Sometimes it can happen that an agent unexpectedly appear as unavailable without any real reason. We call this ghost agents

The workaround was to delete the health service state directory on the computer (root management server, management server, or agent) that is affected. That way the database will be rebuild.

But Microsoft has now identified this problem as this issue occurs because the database that is used by the health state is corrupted. This database corruption is caused by an issue in the storage engine of the jet database that is hosted on Windows. This is a problem in the Microsoft products and not in OpsMgr. So you need to apply the hotfix to fix the storage engine.

You can download the KB here 

Notice that this hotfix applies to Windows Server 2008 but not Windows Server 2008 R2.

Hope this helps,

Alexandre Verkinderen

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Cumulative Update 2 for OpsMgr installation

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High Level overview steps:

1. Root Management Server

2. Manual update of the Operations Manager database together with the included stored procedure file that is discussed later

3. Manual import of the Management Pack library that is discussed later

4. Secondary Management Servers

5. Gateway Servers

6. Deploy the agent update to the agents that used a discovery-based installation

7. Operations console role computers
Note Select the Run Server Update option from the Software Update dialog box.

8. Web Console server role computers

9. Audit Collection Services role computers

10. Apply the agent update to manually installed agents

Note To run this file on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008, you must use an elevated command prompt. An elevated command prompt is a command prompt that was started by using the Run as Administrator option. If you do not run this Windows-based installer file under an elevated command prompt, the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Software Update splash screen does not allow for the installation of the hotfix.

Download the corresponding CU2.MSI file and launch it:


The only thing you can do here is to accept the license agreement. Don’t forget to read it….



This is the installation folder where the files will be stored that we will need for the manual operations that must be performed after you update the RMS





It’s going to start and stop the opsmgr services. Don’t worry about it




Also don’t panic if you see event ID’s 29104. That’s normal during the upgrade process.


It can take a while but finally my RMS is updated


Just like with the CU1 I chose to not restart the server automatically. When you click no you allow the hotfix installation to finish all his post-processes. Check if the file versions has been updated and only then reboot the server.


I can see that the files have been updated


Manual operations that must be performed after you update the Root Management Server

Note You do not have to repeat the DiscoveryEntitySProcs.SQL installation if you have previously installed Cumulative Update 1 for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2.

As in my environment I already applied the CU 1 I can skip this step.

Import updated management packs

This updated management pack is located in the ManagementPacks folder of the package installation.

Now you need to upgrade the other opsmgr components as well. I don’t have other MS servers in my lab environment so I’m going to skip this step.

Remember to upgrade one MS server at a time.


Last step is to approve the pending agents



Manually installed agents should be upgraded manually. Or you can easily create a SCCM package and deploy that.

If you have not already done so, create a new view that shows the agent patch list as described on Kevin Holmans blog:

That’s it!

Pretty easy upgrade

Alexandre Verkinderen

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Cumulative Update 2 Released for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 opsmgr

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Microsoft has just released a second cumulative update for opsmgr! More information can be found here: 

Make sure to download the correct language: SystemCenterOperationsManager2007-R2CU2-KB979257-X86-X64-IA64-ENU.MSI


Have fun,

Alexandre Verkinderen

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