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ISCSI target software for short term lab projects….

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Just did another implementation of a DELL Equallogic PS5000XV iscsi array which is very nice and powerfull equipment well suited for the virtualisation project I'm currently working on.
I just had a "few thingies" I wanted to try out offline so I booted up my virtual lab and started to search for iscsi target software.
I used openfiler before and as this is great software (and free) I was going to build me a openfiler VM again just when I happened to cross a blogpost about the MS ISCSI target software trial software used in their storage server suite.

So i didn't have to build another VM and i could just load the trial software on a VM . 2 mins later I had a working iscsi target server. Hooray for productivity !

Download the trial by clicking here.
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SCDPM2007 Feature pack installation instructions

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This Data Protection Manager Update Package consists of three separate updates. To install each update, follow these steps:

  1. Install the hotfix rollup package on the server that is running Data Protection Manager 2007. To do this, run the DataProtectionManager2007-KB949779.exe file on the server.
    Note You do not have to restart the server after you install the hotfix rollup package.
  2. Update the remote SQL Server installation that is hosting the DPMDB database. To do this, run the SqlPrep-KB949779.msp file on the computer that is running SQL Server.
    Note This step is not required if you are running a SQL DPMDB instance on the Data Protection Manager 2007 server.
  3. Update the protection agents on the DPM Administrator Console. There are two methods to update the protection agents on the protected computers:
    • Method 1: Update the protection agents from the DPM Administrator Console
      • Open the DPM Administrator Console.
      • Click the Management tab, and then click the Agents tab.
      • Select a computer from the Protected Computer list, and then click Update on the Action pane.
      • Click Yes in the dialog box, and then click Update Agents.
      • As soon as you receive the Enter Credentials and Reboot option dialog box, enter you credentials, select the Manually restart the selected servers later option, and then click OK.

      Note You do not have to restart the computer to update the agent. This is why the Manually restart the selected servers later option was selected.

    • Method 2: Update the protection agents on the protected computers
      • Obtain the update protection agent package from the "Data Protection Manager installation location\DPM\Agents\RA\2.0.8107.0" directory on the Data Protection Manager 2007 server.
        • x86 update
          i386\ Language ID \DPMProtectionAgent2007_KB949779.msp
        • x64 update
          amd64\ Language ID \DPMProtectionAgent2007_KB949779.msp
      • Run the appropriate DPMProtectionAgent2007_KB949779.msp package on each protected computer.
      • Open the DPM Administrator Console on the Data Protection Manager 2007 server.
      • Click the Management tab, and then click the Agents tab.
      • Select the protected computers, and then verify that the agent version is listed as 2.0.8107.0.
  4. Update the DPM Management Shell. To do this, run the DPMManagementShell2007-KB949779.msp file on all computers on which the DPM Management Shell is installed.

for downloads and what’s included see my previous post

//Bart Bultinck

System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 (SCDPM) what to expect?

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SCDPM is a really cool product and I like it a lot (hell yeah!) but sometimes you just wish it could do a little bit more. So there is stuff comming up !

A rollup will be released in the last half of June (It will be available on the Download Center)SCDPM

1. multiple protection groups per tape : hooray !!!!

2. support for W2K8

3. other things important but I forgot as 1 and 2 allready are enough :-)

There will be a SP1 for DPM and it should include the following features (not limited)

1. SharePoint search index

2. SharePoint backup catalog

3. Support for SQL server with mirrored databases

4. Support for SharePoint with mirrored SQL databases

5. Host level support for Hyper-V VMs

6. Cross forest support

7. Exchange SCR

8. Migration support

9. Local data source protection support

Really looking forward to Hyper-V support (as we use DPM as the solution to backup virtual machines)
and cross forest support (as there are multiple forests :-)
and local data source protection support is allways welcome (this should mean that for smaller environments you don’t need a dedicated DPM server per sé but you can co-host other apps/shares on it…)

Counting down till download…

//Bart Bultinck

my 15 minutes of fame – SCVMM & SCDPM customercase

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Some time ago my customer and myself joined the IT-PRO MOMENTUM program in order to accelerate our roll-out of system center virtual machine manager and system center data protection manager.

And last week we made a small video about this project that will be appearing later on Technet Edge i believe. Looking forward for the results…
I'll be posting more stuff about this project later on…


Yours truly explaining why SCVMM and SCDPM are great (not much explaining needed)

image  A little powder to make the head less shiny :-)

//Bart Bultinck

Techdays 2008 – SCDPM – data protectionmanager 2007

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During the techdays 2008 in Ghent i attended a nice session by Jason buffington on SCDPM 2007.

I noticed he was using a synthetic tapedrive because all was running in a virtual environment and i hoped he didn't have to drag a real tape drive library around the world.
So after the session I had a great Q&A with Jason and got introduced to some software called Firestreamer.

Firestreamer for Microsoft Data Protection Manager

Firestreamer is a utility that allows Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) to access a wide range of non-tape storage media, making possible long-term and off-site retention of data without the need for tape drives. Firestreamer can use HDD, Blu-ray, DVD, Iomega REV, network file systems and other types of media as underlying storage, exposing the pieces of media as virtual tape to DPM. More…

  • Read the white paper.
  • Download Firestreamer for a free 30-day trial.
  • See Cristalink featured on Microsoft's website.

thought i wanted to share this software further as it is great for demo purposes (and real implementations too)

//Bart (rolling out DPM2007….)