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DPM 2010 Powershell Script – Hyper-V Auto-Protection

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Hey All,

Microsoft has released a sample powershell script for enabling DPM 2010 auto-protection of Hyper-V

From the Microsoft Site


In any virtualized environment, adding new VMs is a frequent operation. While backup administrators can protect an entire Hyper-V host using the DPM Management Console, the protection group had to be modified manually to include the new virtual machines that have come up on the Hyper-V host. These scripts are expected to work with DPM 2010 Beta. By using them, you should be able to quickly put together a script that can enable the auto protection of your hyper-v hosts. Note: These scripts work on an existing protection group and do not create a fresh protection group. The attached scripts automate the task of adding any new virtual machines recognized in the Hyper-V hosts protected by the DPM server into existing protection groups. There are different scripts for Hyper-V clusters (AddNewClusteredVM.ps1) and standalone Hyper-V hosts (AddNewStandAloneVM.ps1). You would still use the script for standalone servers to automatically protect the non-clustered virtual machines of any Hyper-V host that is part of a cluster.


The problem is that I couldn’t find the AddNewClusteredVM.ps1 script.  Luckily there is a link that’s available from the Ctrl P blog which also explains in depth the scripts.





System Center Data Protection Manager: Cool script

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Hey All,

One of my colleagues is managing a rather large environment on a daily base.  He has to manage two backup solutions (HP Data Protector and SCDPM) that share one tape library.  From time to time, he need to set a tape not free in that library (Otherwise SCDPM will use that tape while it is needed for the HP solution).  To do his work faster, he created a small powershell script where he has to give the name of the slot in order to mark that tape as not free.

So here it is:

$LIB = Get-DPMLibrary -DPMServerName "<servernaam>"

$TP1 = Get-Tape -DPMLibrary $LIB

$TapeLocationList = Read-Host "Tape location (Slot-x) "

foreach ($media in $TP1)


if ($TapeLocationList -contains $media.Location)


Set-Tape -Tape $media -NotFree

Echo "Tape in $($media.Location) marked as NOT FREE."




Echo "Tape in location $($media.Location) is not in requested slot."







PS: Thanks to Steven Van der Taelen for writing this script

my 15 minutes of fame – SCVMM & SCDPM customercase

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Some time ago my customer and myself joined the IT-PRO MOMENTUM program in order to accelerate our roll-out of system center virtual machine manager and system center data protection manager.

And last week we made a small video about this project that will be appearing later on Technet Edge i believe. Looking forward for the results…
I'll be posting more stuff about this project later on…


Yours truly explaining why SCVMM and SCDPM are great (not much explaining needed)

image  A little powder to make the head less shiny :-)

//Bart Bultinck

Techdays 2008 – Ghent Belgium – {Hero} – review

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Here's my review of the Techdays 2008 that took place in Ghent this year. The short version :-)

Day1: the launch

I hosted the SQLUG booth and did some chitchat with other communityleaders and members, some customers and some friends…

Day 2 : Techdays01

taking the bus to the location i heard people talking about the session Frederik Vandeputte delivered the day before, saying it was one of the best sessions they ever attended. Great to hear that all the work Frederik puts in his presentations is noticed by the attendees…

I hosted the SQLUG booth and attented a great session from Bart de Smet about Powershell 2.0. Great speaker and a very nice session. Can't wait for 2.0….

Day 3 : Techdays02

Started the day with a fantastic session by Kurt Roggen on Group Policies. Discovered lots of new things I didn't know (the coolness of RSAT and that you allready can use it against a W2K3 environment). The session was delivered very good and I think i wasn't the only one that wished Kurt could speak for another half a day or so about this topic. Too little time to cover all the cool things…

Second session was by Edwin Yuen about SCVMM. As one of my current projects involves rolling out this software I discovered not that many new things. But it was nice to see that even some very biased Vmware dudes liked what they saw…

Third session i attended was about SCDPM by Jason buffington (I'm also rolling out this software @ customers). Nice session and an overall good overview. Had a good "afterchat" with Mr Buffington that solved some of my problems I was encountering.

the last session I attended was the Hyper-V overview by Edwin Yuen. Nice session but too bad it was more of a marketing session….

The day ended with a nice lunch together with the SQLUG coremembers

Anyway, a nice couple of days, saw many friends, a nicely filled goodiebag 😉 and no XBOX 360 for me :-(