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I’m verry happy to hear that a good friend and fantastic DPM guy Robert Hedblom has received the MVP award for System Center Data Protection Manager.

Check out his blogpost here:

Congratulations Robert, you have earned the reward!




MVP Award

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Hey All,

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that I have received the MVP Award for System Center Data Protection Manager.

As it goes with an award, it is custom to thank some people, and in my case they really have earned it.

Let’s start with my employer Ferranti Computer Systems and my colleagues (with special thanks to Arne Peleman, Mark Van Giel, Frederik Baert and Valérie Siroux) who allowed me to give presentations and spent some time on the System Center User Group.  Also the continuous remarks on my blog posts and presentations are a real help to improve.

Also the members of the System Center User Group Belgium earn a big thank you.  They gave me a place to blog and the possibility to give presentations.  They also helped me on various ways within the user community when I lost directions :-). (And I probably will loose directions again with this MVP thing… :-)) Thanks Alexandre Verkinderen, Kenny Buntinx, Kim Oppalfens, Kurt Van Hoecke and Yves Janssens. Let’s continue to make the System Center community a fun place to be :-)

I can’t forget some people from Microsoft.  Thank you Jason Buffington and Arlindo Alves for your feedback and support.  It is a real pleasure working with you both in the community.

To all the readers, people who come to our presentations and commenter’s.  Thank you, it is always a pleasure learning to know you and seeing you on events, whether offline or online.

Last but not least, there is a special and BIG thanks to my wife and children, who keep accepting the fact that Daddy is playing on his laptop again.  Without their patience and support, I probably would have stopped a long time ago.

Thanks all


Mike Resseler

Twitter: @MikeResseler