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DPM 2012

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The MVP summit is over, had a great time over here meeting a lot of people, placing faces to people that I’ve worked and chatted with. 

But the most important thing about the MVP summit is the interaction with the product team.

And the guys of the DPM product team did a great job hosting this event for us.  We have discussed many things, and seen some great stuff.

And the cool thing that we learned is that the product team does listen to the customers and the it community.

Those of you who took the time and effort to fill-in the future survey that was available on the connect site can start getting curious.  I’ve seen the results of the survey, and I’ve already seen the response of the product team to that.

You want to know more?  Sorry, can’t tell you more… at least not just yet.

For those of you who go to the MMS summit, I definitely would recommend to go to the following session:

BB18: A first look at DPM 2012:

Hope to see you all there… It will be fantastic… You will cheer for it… You will love it… I promise



Calling the Belgians for MMS 2011

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Hey All,

As you might have read or seen in the media the last days, there is a possibility that a volcano will erupt in Iceland soon.  For those who can remember it, a volcano eruption happened which caused some of us to drive to Madrid Airport and go to Vegas from there.

There were also Belgians who didn’t make it and many many Europeans never arrived at MMS last year.

When I read the news,  and twittered about it, the news got picked up quite fast and Rod Trent from MyITForum wrote a post about it.  (See here:

We all hope that this year MMS won’t be disturbed by volcano’s, but if this would happen, we, from the System Center User Group Belgium would like to be prepared and orchestrate possible “alternative” routes.

So if you are a Belgian, and if you are going to MMS 2011, then sent me an email @ Mike(dot)Resseler(add)infrontconsulting(dot)com with your data so we can keep you informed if necessary. (Let’s hope not)

And at the same time, getting the Belgian System Center fans together is a nice plus :-) and we can keep you informed about the cool things that will happen in Vegas.



Prepping for MMS 2011

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As we are now beginning of February, the excitement for the next few months is starting to come.  In a few weeks we will have the MVP summit where I will meet many of my peers, fellow MVP’s and more interesting people and where I will attend great break-out sessions and events.

A few weeks later, I will go the MMS summit where I have the honor of presenting together with David Allen a session on System Center Data Protection Manager.

This is the information about our session:

Title:  BB36 System Center Data Protection Manager 2010: Help, the Datacenter is Down… Let’s Restore

Abstract: Monday morning, 8 o’ clock.  You arrive at your desk and find out that the datacenter is down.  There is no DC, Exchange, SharePoint or SQL anymore…

What to do?  Wait, I have DPM 2010, let’s restore everything and become, again, the hero of the day.

Join us in this session where we will demonstrate how easy and fast we can recover from a total disaster with the help of DPM.  In this theatric session, we will use Hyper-V, BMR and workload recovery to get the services back online.

Why you don’t want to miss this one…

This session will present you with a scenario of a total disaster.  David and myself will then play some different roles and show you what you can do with DPM to recover your entire infrastructure.  We will be using slides, video and live demo’s in this one.  If you are using hyper-v or one of the Microsoft workloads, if you want to see how you can protect these workloads, virtual machines and even physical machines.  And if you want to see how we can recover these machines and workloads you need to come over and watch.


Hope to see you all there