SCDPM 2010 Management Pack has been released

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Good news for all the people who are using DPM 2010 and have a Operations Manager infrastructure…

The SCDPM 2010 Management Pack has been released.  You can download it here:

On that page, you can find two downloads: The documentation, and the actual Management Pack.

As always, before importing a Management Pack, read the documentation.

The documentation gives you a great overview of the capabilities of the management pack and is a must read if you are going to implement it.  A great addition is that they state which monitors you should enable / disable when you are working in a ticketing environment (meaning that you have a service desk / helpdesk system.)

Also worth reading is the blogpost(s) of Jonathan Almquist:

Data Protection Manager 2010 management pack just released – things you need to know

Data Protection Manager 2010 management pack (service and health models)

Both posts give you a lot of information about the management pack.

Certainly the first post should you read as it provides you with information about the “normal”, “SLA Based” or “Ticketing” mode of the system.  According to Jonathan, it is the first management pack that he sees that is built this way so congratulations DPM team :-)

One minor point though, as also stated by Jonathan… The SLA is 24 hours and hardcoded.  Let’s hope that this will be fixed soon enough.