Creating a service offering through a self-service portal part 4: Preparing Work in Service Manager

December 28, 2011 at 3:34 pm in Uncategorized by mikeresseler

The series


In the first post we discussed what we are going to do through these series. I showed the result and the high-level overview of what we are going to do in more detail in the different posts.

In the second post we did some pre-work like creating a management pack specific for this solution and a knowledge base article to give some additional “power” to our solution.

The third post handled the workflow that we needed to build in Orchestrator.

This post will handle the preparations in Service Manager.  We are going to create a connector to Orchestrator and synchronize it so that Service Manager “knows” the existing runbooks.

Here we go

As said, we are going to create a connector in Service Manager to connect to the Orchestrator installation.


Go to Administration –> Connectors


In the Task Pane click on create connector


In the wizard that appears: In General, fill in the Name and Description. Also, select Enable this connector.  If you don’t to this (now) you can always do it afterwards.  But if the connector is not enabled, we won’t be able to use him afterwards to gather the information for the runbooks.


In Connection, fill in the server information and add the run as account with access to Orchestrator.

In my case, the server information is: http://srv-scorch01:81/Orchestrator2012/Orchestrator.svc/.  This is the default path to the web service (with srv-scorch01 as the server Smile)

This is how you can build the URL: :/Orchestrator2012/Orchestrator.svc”>http://<computer>:<port>/Orchestrator2012/Orchestrator.svc (please note that this is for RC, if you are still using beta, then you can use :/Orchestrator.svc”>http://<computer>:<port>/Orchestrator.svc)


In Sync Folder, select the folder that you want to sync. If you choose “\” you will sync all runbooks.  You can select another folder from Orchestrator depending on your needs.


Finally, in Web Console type in the url of the Orchestrator Web Console (http://<computer>:port where 82 is the default port…)

Press OK to finish the wizard.

Now that this is finished, it is time to use this connector and to synchronize the information from Orchestrator with Service Manager


Go to Administration –> Connectors.  Select the connection you just have created.


In the Tasks Pane, press Synchronize Now and then wait until the synchronization is finished.

That’s it…

Note that this connector won’t synchronize itself or on a schedule.  You will need to do the synchronization again when you have changed some workbooks or when you have created new ones and you want to import them. 

That’s it… 2 more posts to go and then we are ready with our solution Smile