A new add-on for DPM: dBeamer!DPM

January 25, 2011 at 4:55 pm in Uncategorized by mikeresseler

It seems that there is a new add-on available for system center data protection manager. 

The add-on is called dBeamer!DPM and according to their website, it transforms DPM into a central component of a High-Availability – On-Demand infrastructure.  This of course drew my attention :-).

So I went further with reading the information

With the add-on, DPM administrators are able to browse data history captured in DPM and perform an instant data recovery from Microsoft DPM at anytime.

Ok, this is getting more interesting ;-).

The add-on allows you to start the recovery process, and instantly allows you to use the data, while the recovery process is still busy.  And even databases that are being recovered can be used instantly while the recovery is still in progress.

With dBeamer!DPM, you can even recover data from the DPM repository without the DPM service is actually running or present…

And with the fact that you can start your services (such as SQL) or your VM’s while the recovery is still in progress, make modifications to the data, it gives IT administrators a RTO of almost nothing.

Now this information comes from the website of instavia, which is the company that made the software.  I haven’t tested it out yet (I’m going to send an email asking for a test as soon as possible :-)) but it certainly seems promising.  If all above is true, then you can have a killer tool together with DPM.

Hopefully I get a test / demo license and I can give you more information soon