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DPM 2010 Setup Pre-Requisite Checker Tool download

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Microsoft recently has released the DPM 2010 Setup Pre-Requisite Checker tool.

You can find the download here:

Make sure you read the instructions on that page well…

  • The Tool will NOT run if you have a DPM agent or the DPM Management Shell installed on the server.
  • The Tool will automatically install VCRedist 2008, enable the Powershell role and install .net 3.5 SP1
  • It will ask you if you are going to use the dedicated SQL instance or a remote one
  • It will install Doctor Watson (even if it is already installed)
  • It will install SIS if not yet installed
  • It will check if you have MSI 4.5 (and install if not)
  • It will check for KB 975759 and install it if necessary
  • And then you have the possibility to launch the SQL Server Configuration Checker.

So as you can read, it will prepare your server for the installation of DPM.  So in my opinion, they should change the name and make it the DPM 2010 Setup Pre-Requisite Installer tool :-)




DPM 2010 Hyper-V Protection: Cluster networks for CSV redirected access

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Another great KB is launched…

This is all about that you can “kill” your network by protecting your hyper-v virtual machines on a CSV, by using a software VSS providor.

This has been discussed on the forums for many many times, and now, we finally have a clear, explained reason, and some workarounds and solutions

A must read KB if you want to protect VM’s




DPM and the case of EFS

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A question that has come to the forums many times… How does DPM handle files that are encrypted with EFS.

Although most of us kind of knew how it worked at the back, it was never a proven statement.  Now, there is finally a KB that explains it quite well.

When you are protecting files that are encrypted, this is what happens:

– If a file has not changed since the last sync, DPM will not transfer any data. 
– If a file has changed and is not encrypted with EFS, DPM transfers only the changed blocks of a file.
– If a file has changed and the file is protected with EFS, DPM will transfer the entire file.
So now we know it for sure 😉
Make sure that you keep this in mind when planning your PG’s.  This could lead to a significant increase in transferred data so plan well.