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Bare Metal Recovery: How to add all volumes

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Hey All,

On the DPM newsgroup ( there was a very interesting thread the last few days.  One of the users asked if it was possible to include all volumes into a Bare Metal Recovery

As you might know, Bare Metal Recovery only protects the critical volumes (boot + system + volumes hosting files of server roles), so if you have a volume with applications or user data or whatever, you need to protect it also.  Now that is not a problem because you can choose BMR and also the additional volumes


Now the user said that this was not OK, because in a disaster, he wanted to recover as quickly as possible.

Luckily, Praveen D [MSFT] found out a good solution, one which I think can be very helpful in some cases, so here goes…

DPM uses windows backup to do the job.  So in your DPM\bin folder, you will find a file called BmrBackup.cmd.  Inside this cmd you will find the command that drives windows backup.

With BMR, you will see something like:

start  /WAIT %SystemRoot%\system32\wbadmin.exe start backup -allcritical -quiet -backuptarget:%1

If you add the option –include:VolumeLetter:,VolumeLetter: then you add your volumes in the BMR.  Don’t forget to increase the volumes for your replica and recovery point volumes.

Thanks Praveen


Mike Resseler

SCDPM: Great resources from Microsoft and the community

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Hey All,

Many of my colleagues, friends online are asking me a lot about SCDPM, and certainly when they have problems.  Because SCDPM has not (yet) the popularity of  Operations Manager or Configuration Manager, it is more difficult to find good community resources or assistance.  So I decided to list some of (in my opinion) important sites.

First, you have the Microsoft resources

The official site:

The official blog site:

Jason’s blog: (product manager of SCE and DPM and a true DPM hero)


DPM 2010 Techcenter:

DPM 2007 Techcenter:

There are some other Microsoft employees that I like to follow also: This guy blogs about SCDPM and Exchange


Now let’s talk about the non Microsoft resources.

Of course you have the Belgium System Center User Group community 😉


System Center Central:

Matthijs Vreeken: (Nice!)

David Allen: (Great!)


Now for the support, I would like to draw attention to the site of David Allen (MVP).  Not only is he by far the biggest DPM Expert that I know, he also has a forum on his site where he responds on various questions.  So if you have a DPM question or problem, make sure you check out his great forum because his response rate is extremely fast.  Spread the word!



DPM 2010 Upgrade from RC to Evaluation Version

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Hey All,

Now that MMS 2010 is a week behind us, and most of the information is shared (still have some work on that so stay tuned…) it is time to get some real work done.  Just downloaded the evaluation version of DPM 2010 and I’m going to upgrade my RC system.  So let’s see what the DPM Upgrade advisor ( has to say:

So here is my situation



In total I have to do 6 steps.  Doesn’t seem to be bad, let’s have a look

1. Close DPM administrator console and DPM management shell if opened.

Done, this was easy :-)

2. Launch DPM 2010 RTM Eval setup and proceed by clicking on Install DPM


I opened the Review System Requirements and found the first bug… It still goes to the DPM 2007 documentation :-)

That of course triggered my interest to look further but that seemed to be the only link that still contains old data.

Click Install Data Protection Manager


Accept the license



As always, the reminder that during the upgrade, protection groups won’t be able to run their jobs and so on…


My prerequisites are OK


I’m using the dedicated drive so I go Next


Give a strong password for the local user accounts


This happens when you don’t make it strong enough :-)


Select if you want to use Microsoft Update or not (which has never worked with DPM but one can only hope…)


Choose if you want to work with the customer experience improvement program (of course you do :-))


And of we go…


And the upgrade is done.  The warning tab shows me that I need to upgrade my agents as soon as possible so that will be our next step.

3. Complete the installation wizard and restart the computer to complete the upgrade (if prompted).

Done, and no reboot necessary.

4. Upgrade agents on production servers
(and don’t forget the agents on the clients!)


Hey, new logo!

So after the console opens, we go to management and agents


Yep, my agents need upgrading so here we go


Press Yes to continue.  The warning states that during the upgrade all jobs will fail



And done, the new version number is 3.0.7696.0


For your info, if you are running the DPM clients for workstation, then you will get the following information:


Whenever you are having a workstation that is disconnected, you will get the following information



5. Run consistency check for all the protected Datasources

Last job is run a consistency check on all protected Datasources

6. Uninstall DPM 2010 RC SQL instance (Optional) if there are no issues after upgrade.However, if you’re looking for downgrade then DPM 2010 RC DPMDB is required.

And finally uninstall the DPM 2010 RC SQL instance.  Since I’m going to use this instance for some testing, I’m going to leave it, but in a production environment, it is best to remove this one.




DPM 2010 launch week @ MMS 2010: Part 6: Partner announcements

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Hey All,

Here’s part 6, and the final part of our DPM 2010 launch week overview

For the full set:

DPM 2010 launch week @ MMS 2010: Part 1: Technical Introduction

DPM 2010 launch week @ MMS 2010: Part 2: Protection Applications

DPM 2010 launch week @ MMS 2010: Part 3: Protecting Windows Clients

DPM 2010 launch week @ MMS 2010: Part 4: Virtualization and Data Protection, better together

DPM 2010 launch week @ MMS 2010: Part 5: Disaster recovery and advanced scenarios

DPM 2010 launch week @ MMS 2010: Part 6: Partner announcements

In this part I will give an overview of the partner announcements made @ MMS.

As you all know Microsoft has partnered with some companies to provide protection to the cloud.  But there are also partnerships around DPM on an appliance and on virtual tape library software.


1. Cristalink Firestreamer

Firestreamer is a utility that can create a virtual tape library and virtual tapes based on different kinds of storage such as internal and external hard disk drivers, flash memory, blu-ray, dvd’s, and so on.

Very cool solution if you use this in conjunction with DPM2DPM4DR.

For more information:

2. i368

i368, a division from Seagate delivers their eVault software together with DPM to support non-windows environments support.  Stuff such as Linux, VMWare, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Oracle and so on will be protected by this, creating a solution with is fantastic for windows (DPM) and at the same time gives you the opportunity to protect other workloads.

The also offer their  solution in an appliance, based on a rebranded dell server, with everything preinstalled on it. for more information

3. Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain delivers protection to the cloud.  With this company, you can protect your data and sent it straight to the cloud from the DPM console.  A very cool solution for off-site backup.


That’s it for DPM week 2010.  In my humble opinion, the new version of DPM is a must have for every windows environment.  It has improved a lot over the DPM 2007 SP1 solution which was already a good product.  Now it just got better.  And because Microsoft realizes that not everything is Microsoft in your environment, they build strong partnerships with other companies that leverages the product and allow you to do tape library sharing, so that you can protect your other apps with whatever you want…

To be continued