Troubleshoot Sharepoint Recoveries

February 4, 2010 at 7:30 am in Uncategorized by mikeresseler

Hey All,

Just saw a nice video about troubleshooting Sharepoint Recoveries with system center data protection manager 2007.

The video is created by Shane Brasher who is a Senior DPM Support Escalation Engineer.

You can find the video @

In the Video, Shane demonstrates two common failures and how to find information about them.

One of these errors is not enough disk space for the recovery.  It is indeed a fact that to recover something from sharepoint you need to recover the entire site.  And this is sometimes overlooked by administrators.  Both on the recovery farm as the production farm you need to have enough space to recover.

The error you will receive is ID 2035 and can be found in the DPM UI, eventviewer and the MSDPMCurr.errlog

And finally, it is also found back in the trace logs when you need to make them for Microsoft Support.

The other error he explained is a little more difficult to understand.  What he did was recover a site but to an alternate site.

The error shown now was ID 32005: The system cannot find the file specified.

Again, this error is visible in the DPM UI, eventviewer and the MSDPMCurr.errorlog but just shows this cryptic notification.

The log you need here is the WSSCmdLetsWrapperCurr.errlog where there is a much better answer about this error.

It states that you are trying to restore a site to another location which has the wrong template so be aware.

Anyway, a must seen video for all you DPM admins out there.