System Center Data Protection Manager 2007: Installation Part III: Patching, patching and patching

August 23, 2009 at 1:24 pm in Uncategorized by mikeresseler

Allright, here is part 3 of the installation of System Center Data Protection Manager.  This is the part where we are going to install a lot of hotfix rollups and hotfixes.

To have a good DPM installation, these hotfixes are needed or otherwise, you will have a lot of problems.  So here goes and here is the list of necessary hotfixes:


  • Description of the hotfix rollup package for System Center Data Protection Manager 2007: February
  • Description of the hotfix rollup package for System Center Data Protection Manager 2007: April
  • Description of the hotfix rollup package for System Center Data Protection Manager 2007: June
  • An Update is available for Windows Server 2008-based computers to address issues with backing up and restoring Hyper-V Virtual Machines
  • A replica may be listed as inconsistent after you install System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Service Pack 1 on a computer that is running an x64-based version of Windows Server 2003
  • Availability of a Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) update rollup package for Windows Server 2003 to resolve some VSS snapshot issues


Now this looks like a lot of updates / hotfixes to install, but luckily, not all are necessary.  Because the Hotfix rollup package of June contains the previous ones (April and February) and also KB 9615012

So that leaves us with KB 970867, KB 959962 and KB 940349

KB 940349 is needed if your DPM server is running win2k03 (not in my case) but is also needed on EVERY windows 2003 server that will be protected by DPM.  Also note that this KB is best installed BEFORE you push an agent to that server.

KB 959962 is necessary when you want to protect virtual machines.  This update need to be installed on the Host Hyper-V systems and afterwards, you need to upgrade all the integration services on the virtual machines.

And the Hotfix rollup (KB 970867) will need to be installed on the DPM server.

Here’s how:

First, run the x64_DataProtectionManager2007-KB970867 (or the x86 variant)


Again, you get the same notifications as you received with the SP1 update.  Please also note that you will need to restart your DPM server if you didn’t installed the rollups before (As it is in my case) or when the DPM Console or Management Shell is open.


The license agreement


The installation


Again the question for the Microsoft Update (I really start to wonder here ;-))


And in the end he asks me to open the DPM console, and apparently I didn’t need to reboot after all.

Second part of the installation is the  SQLPrep package, unless you are running the dedicated instance on the DPM server as I do, so I don’t need to run this one.

Finally, you will need to run the Management Shell update on all computers where you have the Management Shell installed.

When that is all done, you need to start the DPM Management console and update the agents


Press the Update Available link for each agent.


Press Yes to continue.  The system tells you that you will need to run a consistency check afterwards.


Press the Update Agents button.


Now you need to fill in your credentials.  Make sure that you select the Manually restart the selected servers later because it is NOT necessary to restart the servers afterwards.


The system is upgrading the agent.



That’s it.  In the next posts we will be giving a further demonstration on how to configure DPM.

Till then,