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SCDPM 2007 – DPM 2007 can’t connect to service control manager: ID 277

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I was deploying DPM 2007 agents to servers and got this error : can't connect to service control manager: ID 277

After doing some troubleshooting i hunted this problem down to this cause: The servers I wanted to install these agents on didn't have A-records in the correct DNS zone. Adding these solved my problems and i could continue adding agents.

Hope this helps other people digging for a solution to this error


Techdays 2008 – Ghent Belgium – {Hero} – review

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Here's my review of the Techdays 2008 that took place in Ghent this year. The short version :-)

Day1: the launch

I hosted the SQLUG booth and did some chitchat with other communityleaders and members, some customers and some friends…

Day 2 : Techdays01

taking the bus to the location i heard people talking about the session Frederik Vandeputte delivered the day before, saying it was one of the best sessions they ever attended. Great to hear that all the work Frederik puts in his presentations is noticed by the attendees…

I hosted the SQLUG booth and attented a great session from Bart de Smet about Powershell 2.0. Great speaker and a very nice session. Can't wait for 2.0….

Day 3 : Techdays02

Started the day with a fantastic session by Kurt Roggen on Group Policies. Discovered lots of new things I didn't know (the coolness of RSAT and that you allready can use it against a W2K3 environment). The session was delivered very good and I think i wasn't the only one that wished Kurt could speak for another half a day or so about this topic. Too little time to cover all the cool things…

Second session was by Edwin Yuen about SCVMM. As one of my current projects involves rolling out this software I discovered not that many new things. But it was nice to see that even some very biased Vmware dudes liked what they saw…

Third session i attended was about SCDPM by Jason buffington (I'm also rolling out this software @ customers). Nice session and an overall good overview. Had a good "afterchat" with Mr Buffington that solved some of my problems I was encountering.

the last session I attended was the Hyper-V overview by Edwin Yuen. Nice session but too bad it was more of a marketing session….

The day ended with a nice lunch together with the SQLUG coremembers

Anyway, a nice couple of days, saw many friends, a nicely filled goodiebag 😉 and no XBOX 360 for me :-(

Techdays 2008 – SCDPM – data protectionmanager 2007

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During the techdays 2008 in Ghent i attended a nice session by Jason buffington on SCDPM 2007.

I noticed he was using a synthetic tapedrive because all was running in a virtual environment and i hoped he didn't have to drag a real tape drive library around the world.
So after the session I had a great Q&A with Jason and got introduced to some software called Firestreamer.

Firestreamer for Microsoft Data Protection Manager

Firestreamer is a utility that allows Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) to access a wide range of non-tape storage media, making possible long-term and off-site retention of data without the need for tape drives. Firestreamer can use HDD, Blu-ray, DVD, Iomega REV, network file systems and other types of media as underlying storage, exposing the pieces of media as virtual tape to DPM. More…

  • Read the white paper.
  • Download Firestreamer for a free 30-day trial.
  • See Cristalink featured on Microsoft's website.

thought i wanted to share this software further as it is great for demo purposes (and real implementations too)

//Bart (rolling out DPM2007….)