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ConfigMgr 2007 R2 training in Belgium

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ConfigMgr 2007 R2


Hi All,

In 2 weeks I will be teaching a ConfigMgr 2007 class, this will be the first time I teach the class with modified content for ConfigMgr 2007 R2.

This class will run at jcacademy in Leuven. More details can be found here:

But to summarize this is a 5 day class covering the skills upgrade for current sms 2003 admins to ConfigMgr 2007 R2.

Runs from the 8th till the 12th of June, and costs 2.085€. Keep in mind that the website still needs to be updated with the new course content sheet.

NOTE: I do not teach classes all that often anymore, so if you want to follow ConfigMgr 2007 R2 training this year, this might very well be one of your last chances to follow it with me this year. There is a slim chance I will have some time to do another at the very end of this year, but no guarantees there.

Course Content

Title: Migrating your SMS 2003 admin skills to SCCM 2007 R2


The goal of this course is to upgrade the attendees’ sms 2003 admin skills to Sccm 2007 R2. Attendees that successfully complete this course will be capable of managing day-to-day operations of a SCCM 2007 environment.

The course is a mix of in-depth instructor led training and hands-on labs to help drive home the concepts discussed and provide answers to commonly asked questions. The trainer that delivers this course is an accomplished consultant with plenty of real world experience to make the delivery interesting.

Target Audience

This course is targeted at people that currently manage a SMS 2003 environment, and are planning to migrate or have already migrated to SCCM 2007 (R2).


    This course requires that the students meet the following prerequisites:

  • A decent working knowledge of Active Directory
  • A decent working knowledge of sms 2003 is strongly advised to make the most out of this course.

Course outline

Day 1

What’s new overview?

This section will provide you with a broad overview of all changes that have been made to sccm 2007, taking sms 2003 as the reference point. This overview includes the features added during SP1 and R2 and will offer a glance at what’s coming in SP2 and ConfigMgr v.Next. After the initial overview you will get a more detailed view of these modifications during the rest of the course.


New admin UI tour

One of the big changes to SCCM is the new administrator console, knowing your way around this console is crucial to successfully manage your sccm environment. This section will introduce you to homepages, the search bar and some other smaller changes.


Client management (Discovery, assignment, Installation)

After the introduction we’ll dive into discovering, installing and assigning clients. You’ll learn about changes to the discovery and assignment phases that might influence your server infrastructure. Once you have learned all about discovery and client assignment we’ll look at the two most popular client installation methods in detail. To finish of this day we will install and configure the new R2 feature called client status reporting to assist in keeping an overview of healthy and unhealthy clients.



Extending Hardware inventory

Day 2 will start with an explanation of what has changed in the hardware inventory data flow and architecture, followed by some guidelines on how-to extend hardware inventory, and details on the usage of asset intelligence to manage your licenses.


Desired Configuration Management

DCM is one of the new features in sccm 2007, we’ll look at the back-end infrastructure, the dataflow, and the different components like configuration packs, configuration baselines and configuration items.


Software Distribution

Although software distribution has not changed very drastically, some of these changes are long awaited design change requests that could have an impact on your daily operations. We’ll discuss maintenance windows, wake on lan and other important changes. Additionally this section will show you the basics of application virtualization and its integration in ConfigMgr 2007 R2.


Day 3

Software Updates

Software update management has significantly changed and is barely comparable to the sms 2003 itmu counterpart. In this section you’ll learn how to build your software update architecture, find out how to deploy a software update, see how sccm software updates integrates into windows server 2008 nap and figure out how to take all this knowledge to implement a manageable software update procedure.


Mobile device management

Windows mobile device management is a feature that has been present for a while now in sms, yet, it is one of those highly underused features. More and more companies are starting to have some mobile devices in their asset list though. Starting to manage these devices becomes appealing to more organizations than in the past. In this module we will use the Microsoft device emulator to simulate a windows mobile 6 device being managed. You’ll learn all about mobile device management in ConfigMgr 2007 R2 and how to play around with it yourself by setting up the standalone Microsoft device emulator.


Remote tools

Although the changes might not be obvious, remote tools did change quite a bit in ConfigMgr 2007. In this module we’ll take a look at this revamped remote tools functionality and talk a bit about its limitations and known issues.


Day 4

Out of band service management

Out of band service management or the management of Intel vPro capable devices was added to ConfigMgr 2007 with service pack1. Providing exciting new power-management and other capabilities exposed by the out of band management controller. In this module you’ll learn how to configure this new feature and learn some of the tips in implementing this functionality in a manageable way.


Software Metering

Asset intelligence reporting that was covered in the hardware inventory module helps you keep an accurate view of what software you have installed, and see what your license compliance status is. Software metering will tell you how many of those licenses are actually put to good use. This module, when added to the asset intelligence information will assist in learning you how to keep your license management under control and in tip-top shape


Querying & reporting

Significant changes have been made to reporting in ConfigMgr 2007 R2. Support for SQL reporting services was added, and the schema for the ConfigMgr database has been published online around the SP1 timeframe. So after being absent from the original 3 day course, querying and reporting is covered again in this 5 day course. This module will learn you how to write your own reports even if you are not a full-blown sql admin or guru.


 Day 5

Operating system deployment

One of the areas that has received the most attention of the product team in sccm 2007 has to be OS deployment. Day 5 will be all about this thrilling new release of OS deployment. In this section you’ll learn how to configure the osd architecture, followed by building your reference machine. Once you have our base image and created our own custom windows pe you’ll be making your hands dirty in deploying your own captured image.


Topics that will NOT be covered in this course

The following items are not covered in this course, as they are not a part of day to day operations.

  • Designing a Sccm 2007 infrastructure.
  • Installing/migrating to Sccm 2007



Instructor resume

Sms Related experience

Kim Oppalfens has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 6 years. He started giving training ona SMS 2.0, and continued on by teaching the SMS 2003 Train-the-trainer class in Paris.

In his career he has been involved in a large number of SMS/SCCM implementations. His involvement in these projects has been pretty versatile, ranging from developing custom courseware, over making designs, Implementing from scratch or custom-develop migration strategies.


Speaking engagements

Kim has been a speaker at Microsoft’s Belgium last 3 big events being the Dev & It pro days 2007 Techdays 2008, Techdays 2009 and several other community based events.



Kim has received the prestigious Microsoft most valuable professional for 5 years in a row, for his enthusiasm in supporting people with sms related questions in the microsoft newsgroups. Kim is pretty proud to be one of the april fool’s day mvp’s.



Kim publishes his sccm-related articles on a blog over at the system center user group of which he is a founding member. ( ), he aims at writing unique articles without duplicating too much announcement or none SCCM related posts.

Contact details

You can find Kim’s contact details on his linked-in profile (




“Everyone is an expert at something”
Kim Oppalfens – Sms Expert for lack of any other expertise
Windows Server System MVP – SMS

Sccm presentation at Microsoft Techdays

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Hi All,

For the third year in a row I will be delivering a presentation at the Microsoft Techdays in Belgium. This years presentation will resolve about ConfigMgr aka SCCM 2007 R2 tasksequences, and what you can do with them. I will cover as much of the in’s and out’s of Tasksequences as possible, explain what has changed since R2, and point out any pitfalls whenever appropriate.

The techdays promises to be another top-conference, with confirmed speakers like Steve Riley (Security Expert), Scott Schnoll (Exchange Expert), Ronald Beekeleaar (Virtualisation & isa expert), and Jeff Wettlaufer from the ConfigMgr product team. If you are interested in this blog, then the presence of Jeff should be a neat surprise. Afaik, this is the first time that the event will have someone from the SCCM product team to present.

In an economic climate where travel & expenses are tough to get, the Microsoft Techdays team did an astonishing job in getting a great line-up. I am definitely looking forward to it.

So why should you attend?

  • Top speaker line-up of knowledgeable people in the subject area
  • 6-month free technet plus subscription if you register as one of the first 250 participants as of today.
  • I will be there the entire time, feel free to pull me over and ask me any questions you may have (This is the cheapest consultancy you’ll ever get out of me :-)
  • In days where training budgets are tight, going to the larger conferences like Teched and MMS might be tough, the Techdays can provide for a cost-effective alternative that provides great value for money.



MDOP : Microsoft App-V 4.5 certified

7:40 pm in AppV, Training by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Today I passed the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Exam 70-656: Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, Configuring (includes App-V 4.5).If you are considering taking the exam, it consists of 75 questions, is over three hours long, and I recommend that you make sure that you know each component of MDOP very well in order to pass the test.

I am so pleased that I succeeded , even as the exam was free for me as for the fist 500 who registered for the exam with the promocode “MDOP”.

Hope it helps ,

Kenny Buntinx.

Back home from the MVP Summit

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Hi All,

Just got back home from the Mvp summit in Seattle last week, and it has been a thrilling and exciting event all over again. For those of you that don’t know how the summit works, I ‘ll try to describe what goes on during that week. The first real important part is the summit dinner, which this year was in one location with all mvp’s together instead of the old breakup into regions. This was a nice change as you could mingle with your peers more easily, and well the North american mvp’s are still the largest group of Configmgr mvp’s.

Day 2 and day 3 are exteremely exciting days, where we get to spend the full day with the Configmgr product team. On day 2 this was closed off with an informal dinner at a very good steak house. During these 2 days we got to talk to the product team about the near and not-so-near future of our beloved configmgr product. If you would ask me what the main benefit of being an mvp is, than this would definitely be it. They can take everything else away, but don’t mess with my summit :-). The event was finally closed of with one of Balmer’s enthusiastic speeches, but I was on my way back home and to work at that point.

Side note1: I bought me a bose QC2 noise canceling headset on the way back to make sure I could get some sleep at the airplane. These things are amazing by any standard and have had an incredible contribution to my beauty sleep at the airplane and making sure I could get a day worth of work in on Friday.

Side note2: The sms 2003 to configmgr 2007 course I will be teaching next week is approaching rapidly, and we only have 3 seats left, if you want to be part of this course that will heavily focus on real-life hands on labs you’ll have to be quick. More info on this course can be found here: Upgrading your sms 2003 admin skills to SCCM 2007

“Everyone is an expert at something”

Kim Oppalfens – Configmgr expert for lack of any other expertise.

Upgrading your sms 2003 admin skills to SCCM 2007

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Hi all,

As introduced during my presentation at the belgian techdays I will be teaching a custom training class on how-to upgrade you sms 2003 admin skills to SCCM 2007. This class is mainly aimed at current sms 2003 administrators that have transitioned to configmgr 2007 or are in the planning / preparation phase of transitioning.

This class is not about the upgrade / migration itself but on upgrading the administrator’s skillset. Quite a number of things have changed from Sms to Sccm and that’s what this class will focus on. Based on what you already know from sms2003 this class is meant to bring you up-to-speed with sccm 2007.

The idea is to make this a course that has lots of well-thought out hands-on-labs with clear instructions and examples that are usable in your production environment, mixed with me telling you everything I know about configmgr 2007.

More details on this class can be found here:


What: Customized SCCM 2007 training class

Where: Jca Facilities in Louvain, Belgium

When: 28th till the 30th of April

How Much: The attendance fee for this course is 1250€

Instructor: Me, an enthusiastic sms trainer with a lot of training and field experience, and 3 Mvp awards.

Don’t wait too long, seats are going fast after the techdays announcement.

“Everyone is an expert at something”
Kim Oppalfens – Sms Expert for lack of any other expertise
Windows Server System MVP – SMS

Building a great Virtual Machine

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Hi all,

This post isn’t really sms 2003 or sccm 2007 related, but all of us tend to build virtual lab environments every once in a while. After some thinking I come up with some guidelines I will try to keep myself when building Virtual Machines from now on. This is the list I came up with so far.

  • Domain Name and Passwords should be keyboard agnostic (ie: be the same on azerty/querty
    • Domain Example:
    • Password Example: Topsecret
  • The lab layout should be set as the background image, like in the screenshot
  • The lab should contain the lab credentials set with bginfo
    • The saved parameters file and the windows background should be saved to a folder called c:\bginfo
    • Create login script with saved bginfo parameters file to run as login script.




  • The machine should allow you to shutdown/ restart from the ctrl-alt-del box
  • The welcome page should be disabled
  • System restore should be disabled
  • The shutdown event tracker should be disabled
  • password complexity should be disabled
  • Changing the computer account password should be disabled.
  • Screensaver should be disabled
  • Showing icons on the desktop should be disabled (you didn’t spend all this time on building backgrounds to have them cluttered with icons)
  • All passwords should be configured to not expire
  • Vm’s should be running on the latest service pack
  • Your last login should be with the user that the people will need in the lab so that it is prefilled when pressing ctrl-alt-del
  • the c:\drive should contain a folder called buildguide and an rtf file with the steps taken to create the vm, this way you can see what preparative action has been taken to make the labs work.

So I created my lab environment in visio and saved the different visio’s as bmp’s

And set a lot of the above options using a gpo, I backupped the gpo and saved it. The gpo can be found here:

And you could obviously import it back on any domain controller using gpmc.


“Everyone is an expert at something”
Kim Oppalfens – Sms Expert for lack of any other expertise
Windows Server System MVP – SMS

How to transition from sms 2003 to Sccm 2007 – Notes from the field session at Belgian Techdays

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Hi All,

I will be speaking at the Belgian Techdays for the second year in a row. The session is aimed at current SMS 2003 administrators that are looking at transitioning to SCCM 2007.

The session is scheduled for Thursday the 13th of March running from 14:30 till 15:45. Because of time constraints the session will not include any demo’s. It will discuss all popular ways to transition from SMS 2003 to Sccm 2007, and introduce you to some scripts that can help you move to Sccm 2007 more smoothly.

Session Abstract:

This session will introduce you to the different methods of transitioning from sms 2003 to sccm 2007. The session will discuss the pro’s and con’s of the Wipe and Load, In-place Upgrade, Side-by-Side Migration and the speakers personal favorite the Side-by-Side upgrade. The session will also show you how you can use scripts to assist you in automating certain tasks during the migration process.

Hope to see you all there.



“Everyone is an expert at something”
Kim Oppalfens – Sms Expert for lack of any other expertise
Windows Server System MVP – SMS

Belgian Training market is on a Role

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Hi All,

Just last month I posted about our Unique Opsmanager 2007 training event that starts on Monday, (and which is fully booked).

And in about 2 weeks Belgium is hosting another Special training event with Andy Malone about Windows Server 2008. Andy Malone is a Windows Server MVP and has 13 years of training experience. Other things worth mentioning about Andy is that he delivered a session at Windows IT pro connections in Amsterdam about Windows Server 2008 Terminial Services, and last but not least Andy won the Speaker’s Idol at Teched It Forum in Barcelona, which means he is qualified to deliver a full Teched It forum this year where he will deliver a session about a security deep dive into Windows Server 2008.

So yet again, we have a Belgian event where you get to spend a full day, with one of those exceptional folks that deliver sessions for a couple of hundreds of people. So without further ado get over to the following pages to learn more about this event.

Overview Page:

Booking Page + Additional Details:


Summary: The event will take place in Mechelen on the 26th of September, and will cost 395€.

Please note that I only found out about this event recently, so this is pretty short notice. Number of seats is limited so act now.

PS: Our very own Bart de Smet won that some competition on the devside of things. Bart is on his way to start working for Microsoft in Redmond, so he’ll have to fly back over to claim his speaker slot. Have a nice trip Bart.