Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 and R2 : Send Ctrl-Alt-Del remotely is randomly not working in Remote Tools

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Earlier this week, A customer of mine was trying to use the Remote Tools feature. Fancy feature , except that the helpdesk has connected to a computer via Remote Tools, chosen Ctrl-Alt-Del from the drop down menu, and nothing happens remotely. No problems on XP machines , but on some remote Windows 7 and windows 8 machines it would work and on others it won’t .

Before going deeper , I checked the following settings :

  • The workstation was in a “Logged Off” state.
  • Default Client policy is set to request permission to connect.
  • The user has the permission to use and take over the remote machines.

Again, this is a random occurrence.The worst that can happen and the logs look green like a golf court Smile with tongue out

Solution :

It took me a while figuring this out , but finally found the root cause . It was a group policy preventing doing this kind of stuff .

There is a group policy option for this simulation of keys… Look under Computer policies -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components / Windows Logon Options and then  set “Disable or enable software secure attention sequence” to ‘enabled’  You must then change “Set which software is allowed to generate the secure attention sequence”  to “Services and Ease of Access applications”.



Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

MVP Enterprise Client Management