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Scug Rocks! at MMS 2011

3:25 pm in ConfigMgr, ConfigMgr 2007, ConfigMgr 2007 R2, MMS-2011, SCCM 2007, SCCM 2007 R2, SCCM 2007 R3 by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Hello All,


Got back from MMS 2011 and finally rested enough to get going again, but man what a great event this was once more. I am especially glad with how well the different SCUG members at the convention did, not just me, but also Kenny and Mike did an outstanding job, some more details below, singing the praises of SCUG.

First of all, we had 3 people from SCUG Belgium presenting, me, Kenny and Mike all had sessions to deliver.

Mike presented a breakout session on Data Protection Manager, Kenny presented an R3 powermanagement Birds of a Feather, and joined me in the Ask the experts panel for Configuration Manager, while I delivered 2 breakouts a joined presentation with my esteemed MVP colleague Jason Sandys and a WMI birds of a feather.

For those of you unaware of what Birds of a feather sessions are, here is how the MMS team describes them: “These informal sessions allow small (<75) groups of attendees to meet and discuss a topic of common interest peer-to-peer or with Microsoft or Industry experts. Bring your questions, your experiences and your curiosity to these gatherings moderated by Microsoft staff, Industry experts or your peers.”

And the verdict is out!

First and foremost, the best session of the event, based on Evaluations was Kenny’s PowerManagement in R3 session that he delivered together with our Finnish ConfigMgr MVP Panu. Kenny apparently had a good informal session with about a dozen configmgr admins around that, job well done. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend because of other obligations in my schedule. My WMI BOF session came in second session of the event, so SCUG on top, woohoo. (Caveat, The best evaluated session of the event was about Clould, but with 9 evals it hasn’t received the necessary 10 evals to be taken into account for the officical ranking, but still 2nd and 3rd are pretty well regardless).

If we look at the breakout scores only, since BOF’s are a bit more intimate and have a tendency to score higher evals most likely because of this. Just looking at the breakouts, Kenny and I scored an 8th place for the entire event together with some of our esteemed ConfigMgr MVP colleagues with the ConfigMgr ask the expert panel. And I scored a 9th place with my session on ConfigMgr eventing, so I am pretty happy with that. If we look at just ConfigMgr sessions the results are even more impressive.

Top 3 in the ConfigMgr sessions

  1. Take Configuration Manager Onto the Eventing Track.
  2. Configuration Manager 2012 – Ask the Panel of Experts
  3. Configuration Manager: Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid

My session about developping ConfigMgr powershell commandlets, didn’t go over that well though and scored well below average. So I guess powershell isn’t for me, and I have to stick to what I know and what I do best, which looks to become WMI and eventing more and more.

Last but not Least!

Mike Resseler our Data Protection Manager MVP delivered what has got to be an outstanding presentation on DPM together with 3 co-presentors. I unfortunately could not attend since I was presenting at the same point in time my Powershell session. But Mike scored an evaluation score well above the average of the Operations Management track. For a first presentation for an audience this large, that is a huge accomplishment that didn’t go unnoticed. Mike received a last minute invite to go to Teched US and not deliver one but 2 presentations on Data Protection Manager at Microsoft’s largest technology event of the year.

Mike has just recently become an MVP, the poor fellow hasn’t even had time to organize his MVP Celebration dinner with his fellow MVP’s, but has scored an MMS presentation, 2 Teched US presentations and a Teched Israël presentation in his first year as an MVP. As we like to say in Belgium “Good Busy”. I know for a fact that I hadn’t achieved anything close to that in my first year as an MVP.



"Everyone is an expert at something"

Kim Oppalfens – Sms Expert for lack of any other expertise
Windows Server System MVP – SMS

MMS 2011 is only 1 week away and SCUG.BE will be there…

4:17 pm in BOF, mms, MMS-2011 by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Yes, MMS 2011 is in front of the door and it will be an exciting week. The complete SCUG team from Belgium will be there!

Myself (MVP SCCM), Kim Oppalfens (MVP SCCM) , Kurt Vanhoecke (SCSM), Alexandre Verkinderen (MVP SCOM) , Yves Janssens ( SCSM & SCOM ) & Mike Resseler ( MVP SCDPM ) will attend MMS in Vegas.


My schedule is made and I will have a more or less complete System Center Configuration Manager 2012 week.

I will also do some additional side work at MMS 2011 this year. Here is a little overview:


I will assist Wally Mead in the following proctoring labs :

  • Ballroom A Wed 2:15PM – 3:30PM Lab Proctor IA05 ILL: Migrating from Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012
  • Ballroom A Thu 8:30AM – 9:45AM Lab Proctor IA05 ILL: Migrating from Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012


I will delivering the following “Birth of a feather”session together with Panu Saukko :

The ConfigMgr R3 release covers some very cool new features including power management for your clients. This will reduce your energy consumption which saves you costs and you build a Greener IT environment. But talking about the feature is something different than implementing it. In this Birds-of-a-feather session we will talk about best practices for implementing the R3 power management features, build on the experience that we had with our customers during the R3 TAP program.

I will also be available in the “Ask the experts” panel to answer your in-depth questions about ConfigMgr .

This session continues to be one of the most popular at MMS each year, where we bring together a panel of community experts to answer your burning management questions. As in previous years, any and all questions are acceptable, as you try to stump the carefully crafted community expert panel. Get help with your biggest technical issues back home or find out more about the latest product releases. Rod Trent, owner of, the largest internet systems management community, will moderate the session.

If you are an Belgian IT Pro , please let me know . It would be great to know and maybe meet up in Las Vegas.

See you all over there !


Kenny Buntinx

MMS 2011 is only 5 weeks away and Birds of a Feather session on ConfigMgr R3 Power management : Lessons learned from the field

8:50 pm in BOF, configmgr2007, ConfigMgr2007 R3, mms, MMS-2011, Power Management, R3, SCCM 2007, SCCM 2007 R3 by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Hi All,

I have recently deployed Configuration Manager 2007 R3 RTM in production at my TAP customer. Those who attended my presentation at the Belgian System Center Day “” have seen already the best practices & lessons learned on implementing R3 Power Management .

I just proposed a birds of a feather session on ConfigMgr R3 Power management : Lessons learned from the field together with our Finish Configmgr MVP Panu Saukko (who also did a large R3 TAP implementation).

We are hoping to get enough votes to put on an ultra-slick, seriously hardcore ConfigMgr 2007 R3 Power management : Lessons learned from the field BOF session at MMS 2011.

I am still trying to get enough votes to raise this up so that it can take place.


A short clip from his blog posting to wet your appetite:

  • R3 Power Management Overview
  • R3 Installation flow
  • R3 In-Depth Power Management Implementation notes
  • R3 Power Management Caveats
  • R3 Power management Tips & Tricks
  • R3 Power management Advanced Reporting


If you want to see this session go through then vote for this session thru the roof by performing the following procedure:

· Log into CommNet (

· Click on “BOF Survey” in the left Nav

· In the “Commonly Requested Topics” dropdown select “ConfigMgr R3 Power management : Lessons learned from the field”

· Press “Submit”


Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx and Panu Saukko