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Work Folders app for Iphone finally released

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We are happy to announce that an iPhone app for Work Folders has been released into the Apple AppStore® and is available as a free download.

( There also is a Work Folders app for iPad released a few months ago.)


Work Folders is a Windows Server feature that allows individual employees to access their files securely from inside and outside the corporate environment. This app connects to it and enables file access on an Apple iPhone and iPad. Work Folders enables this while allowing the organization’s IT department to fully secure that data.

This app for iOS features an intuitive UI, selective sync, end-to-end encryption, search and in-app file viewing.
It also integrates well with Windows Intune to fully complete the most important mobile device management scenarios around corporate data on mobile devices.

You will learn more about it on our session “Securely Delivering Traditional Windows File Server Home Folders to BYOD Devices’ at


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Kenny Buntinx

MVP Enterprise Client Management

Sysctr Enterprise Client Management : It will be a busy fall …

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A lot of exciting things are happening in the System Center community these days with a lot of events around the corner.

IT-Dev Connections , SCU Europe , TechED Europe and Midland Management Summit 2014 are right around the corner and other local user group events are being planned as well.

I always enjoy being part of these events and meet old and new friends all with the same interest: System Center products and common technology’s


This blog post will be around my events I will attended and support from the community. It will list all sessions which I’m presenting and attending , both national and International.

Hope you will attend one of my sessions and if you do, make sure to take the time to meet up and have a beer !

Date Event Location Sessions
15-19 September IT/Dev Connections Las Vegas
1 October SCUG.BE Microsoft HQ Belgium To be determined , but hey , we will have a local CDM speaker and we have Jason Sandys in the house for ECM.
4 October App-V User Group UK 2014 London – Microsoft Attendee …
3-7 November MVP Summit Microsoft HQ Redmond NDA – What can I say Emoticon die tong uitsteekt😛
10-12 November Midland Management Summit  2014 Minnesota


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Kenny Buntinx

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