Work Folders app for Iphone finally released

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We are happy to announce that an iPhone app for Work Folders has been released into the Apple AppStore® and is available as a free download.

( There also is a Work Folders app for iPad released a few months ago.)


Work Folders is a Windows Server feature that allows individual employees to access their files securely from inside and outside the corporate environment. This app connects to it and enables file access on an Apple iPhone and iPad. Work Folders enables this while allowing the organization’s IT department to fully secure that data.

This app for iOS features an intuitive UI, selective sync, end-to-end encryption, search and in-app file viewing.
It also integrates well with Windows Intune to fully complete the most important mobile device management scenarios around corporate data on mobile devices.

You will learn more about it on our session “Securely Delivering Traditional Windows File Server Home Folders to BYOD Devices’ at


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