Enterprise Mobility Suite: Steps to add your O365 infrastructure when already using your hybrid Configmgr 2012 R2 and Windows Intune infrastructure at your company.

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Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is Microsoft’s new bundle that includes Azure Active Directory Premium, Windows Intune and Azure Rights Management.The Enterprise Mobility Suite is Microsoft’s answer for Mobile Device Management requirements.

For people that have already Configuration Manager 2012 R2 , you can connect your Windows Intune subscription to get a single pane of glass for management. In the so called hybrid mode you can manage all your assets, from one single console.

Most customers starting with EMS will likely already have an Office 365 infrastructure in place . From that direction it is easy to add your EMS components to the existing o365 WAAD (Windows Azure Active Directory) 

The most common way that WAAD directories where created before any O365 components existed was through the Windows Intune Sign Up process.

When setting up an Windows Intune subscription for the first time, you have to pick a tenant name (In our case demolabsbe.onmicrosoft.com). When you create the tenant name, a Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) account is created behind-the-scenes to store your users and groups, using the domain “demolabsbe.onmicrosoft.com” (you can add your domain names to this WAAD account later, but you will always have the original .onmicrosoft.com domain associated with it).

Windows Intune creates the WAAD accounts, but doesn’t let you manage it out of the box . You only can attach custom domains, configure users, groups & global administrators from the Windows Intune account management portal.

Attention: The WAAD account is not the same as a Windows Azure Subscription. A Windows Azure Subscription does not get automatically created or associated to your Windows Intune or Office 365 subscription or visa versa !

Scenario :

The customer has already the Windows Intune subscribtion in place and wants to add a fresh Office 365 tenant to it using the same (.onmicrosoft.com) name .

How ?:


1. Select “Free Trial”


2. Sign up for new account


3. <IMPORTANT> Login again with your administrator@demolabs.onmicrosoft.com account that you used for registering your previous Windows Intune account !!. <IMPORTANT>


4. Don’t forget to hit the try button :-)



5. When you click “Domains” (1) , you will see that your validated domain ( in our case Demolabs.be) is attached and validated (2) . Now the last step is to go thru the wizard “Complete Setup” (3) to complete it .

6. You’re done . Now you can start to assign O365 licenses to your users and play with “Conditional access” as explained in this nice blog post from our colleague MVP Peter Daalmans

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

MVP Enterprise Client Management

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