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ADFS & Workplace Join & Intune : "Profile Installation Failed" error when iOS device is Workplace Joined by using DRS on a Windows Server 2012 R2-based server

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We’ve got in our lab environment our 2012 R2 Workplace Join environment up & running with one Windows 8.1 client successfully browsing the claims app. When we tried to workplace join an IPAD device, it could go as far as the Workplace Join screen.

If you want to know what ‘Workplace join’ is and how to manage it, please visit my earlier blog post at

Attempt to install the profile resulted in two different errors:

– On the Ipad you should see the profile install fail on the iPad. Assuming that the Apple iOS device is configured by using the over-the-air enrollment. An Apple certificate for the IOS device is expired. In this situation, you receive an error message that resembles the following: ‘Profile Installation Failed the server certificate for federation server name/otaprofile/profile?operation=enroll is invalid.’

– If I look on the ADFS WAP server , I see the following issue in the eventvwr


There are two main places you can start when troubleshooting an iOS-specific issue. 

1) The DRS event logs on the AD FS server.  May shed some light as to what is wrong.
2) The iOS device logs.  You’ll need to download the iPhone Configuration Utility (works with iPads as well).

Microsoft has released a Hotfix for this Make sure to download and install it !

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

Enterprise Client Management MVP

Sysctr Enterprise Client Management : It will be a busy fall …

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A lot of exciting things are happening in the System Center community these days with a lot of events around the corner.

IT-Dev Connections , SCU Europe , TechED Europe and Midland Management Summit 2014 are right around the corner and other local user group events are being planned as well.

I always enjoy being part of these events and meet old and new friends all with the same interest: System Center products and common technology’s


This blog post will be around my events I will attended and support from the community. It will list all sessions which I’m presenting and attending , both national and International.

Hope you will attend one of my sessions and if you do, make sure to take the time to meet up and have a beer !

Date Event Location Sessions
15-19 September IT/Dev Connections Las Vegas
1 October SCUG.BE Microsoft HQ Belgium To be determined , but hey , we will have a local CDM speaker and we have Jason Sandys in the house for ECM.
4 October App-V User Group UK 2014 London – Microsoft Attendee …
3-7 November MVP Summit Microsoft HQ Redmond NDA – What can I say Emoticon die tong uitsteekt😛
10-12 November Midland Management Summit  2014 Minnesota


Hope it Helps,

Kenny Buntinx

Enterprise Client Management MVP

SCCM 2012 : “Another Installation is already in Progress” when deploying Applications thru OSD deployment.

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At one of my current customers, I have been stuck for two days now, that one or two randomly selected applications where failing If we looked in the ‘Status Messages’ and dig al little deeper , we saw in there that :

‘Another installation is already in progress.Complete that installation before proceeding with this install.’


Knowing this is a highly secured environment , my first guess would be policies. However I overruled this thinking strategy because during the OSD process , GPO’s aren’t applied …—> That is a fact , except for one scenario I already blogged about it as described here  ‘’ , but that was not the issue…

Back to the drawing board and digging deeper in the smstslog file … Suddenly when hitting the F8 button a popup arrived that I needed a reboot to complete the “Kaspersky Antimalware Client”  … WTF is that doing in my task sequence.

Apparently someone at the customer decided to set a policy at the Kaspersky management server , to Push / Install a Kaspersky client when he detects and scans the network for computers that did not had a Kaspersky mgmt. agent installed. That little process hijacked my Task sequence installation process and jumped in the middle to install that Kaspersky agent .

Case Closed …My advise – before troubleshooting Configmgr , just start asking questions who did changes on other parts of the environment Emoticon die tong uitsteekt

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

Enterprise Client Management MVP